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Storage solution: Batman Gotham City Chronicles Insert

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Not sure if this is the proper place for this post, but I wanted to share this for anyone looking for a storage solution and has a 3D Printer. I uploaded an insert on thingiverse, check it out. I haven't printed it and tested it, so fair warning! It fits all chits/tokens, tiles, dice and cards from all the expansions into the hero core box. It replaces the top side tray and the middle foam insert.




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Hi Gonthing, yes, I am having one printed now.  Also several others are printing to verify.  I have made a few tweaks based on their suggestions and update the files as we go.  The only changes so far are to offer alternate card trays for sleeves cards.  Also, I started another Design on thingiverse with some of the bigger parts already split for people that have smaller printers.  There are also several pictures on Facebook in "the batman gaming group".  I will try to post some here when I get home.

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The image of the river tile tray is the two part one. The picture with the river tile tray and dice/card tray in the box doesn't have the smaller tray under it, so those would sit flush to each other.  The Card/Dice tray will hold unsleeved cards horizontally, we made a new card tray that can hold sleeved cards stacked as well.






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Here are some more pictures that a user on Thingiverse sent me of his print.  I think it looks fantastic!  The print has been verified by several users now, everything seems to work well.

Layer 1.jpeg

layer 2.jpeg

whole thing.jpeg

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