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Batcow... What do the X's mean?

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I'm looking for some guidance on using Batcow. It has Xs where numbers normally are in many locations. What on earth do I moo with that?

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Sorry. I couldn't resist to the pun. :$


In fact, I don't know the first thing about comics. :unsure: I hope that some specialist around here will have a real answer to your question.

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The scenario text explains how to determine Batcows' variable skill values - the longer and deeper she dreams effects her skills. 


DREAM: Batcow is in the middle of a dream, but this only lasts for a short time. The Dream tokens represent the duration of that dream. During setup, the hero places the 6 Dream tokens on their hero board.


DREAM INTENSITY: Batcow’s skills are linked to her dreams. Thus, the closer she is are to waking up, the lower her powers become. Each instance of an “X” on her hero board is equal to the number of Dream tokens present on it.


THE DREAM FADES: at the end of the Declare Heroes’ Stance step, if the hero (Batcow) is in an active stance, they remove a Dream token from their hero board and place it next to that hero board.



FREE THE BAT-FAMILY: If Batcow is in the same area as a member of the Bat-Family, she can free them by  performing a complex manipulation of difficulty 4. The lock picking skill is taken into account. If successful, Batcow manages to release the prisoner.

When a member of the Bat-Family is released, Batcow, drunk with happiness, extends the duration of her dream.

To indicate this, the hero takes a Dream token from beside their board and places it on to Batcows' hero board.

They remove the Bat-Family member miniature from the board to indicate they have been saved. 



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