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Hi there!


I was wondering if some of you were playing to Warhammer Underworld.


I've heard of it while buying some paint and as my son's interest towards Age of Sigmar was growing, I suggested to him to start instead playing to Nightvault, because it will less expensive and easier to play with other players (no need to have loads of minis before you can play).


So he got the base game for his birthday, along with two warbands that he found really neat: Mollog's Mob and Zarbag's Gitz (thanks to his godfather and godmother), and I bought for myself Shadespire (the previous base game that was still in store, due to the fact it was a German box) and Thundrik's Profiteers.

I spent some time painting in secret unofficial settings for the game, which I gave to him for his birthday as well.



And after some work, here is my first mini painted for this game: a Kharadon dwarf, Garodd Alensen:




What about you? Do you play this game? Which warbands do you use? Did you paint some of these stunning minis, by any chance? If yes, I'm really curious to see them!

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Garrek's Reaver barbarians are currently waiting to be painted, because of the pandemy, as I only paint them with a friend. But I've started painting sessions with my son, and started for the occasion a new warband: the Hrothgorn Mantrappers.


The first two minis are now painted:

a wolf trap and a goblin holding crossbow bolts:


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