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  1. garbetsp

    Alas, poor Yorick! (Show your Skuthus!)

    Hate to post after those beauties, but here's my efforts.
  2. Okay the overlap with Conan got me to pledge in for Mythic Battles 1.5. Looking forward to being able to get Corinthia in a future reprint. However, it seems that using Conan in MB could be enhanced if there were a couple Conan centric gods. Ymir is a good one, but we need Crom by gods! Having Crom crueling sending forth Conan to fight for him seems fitting.
  3. garbetsp

    IMG_7275 lo res.jpg

    Man oh man, I'm going to have to go back and redo mine after seeing this.
  4. garbetsp

    Show Your Thak

    And the morning sun hit just about the same spot this morning. This looks like Thak is about to get into the thick of it.
  5. garbetsp

    Show Your Thak

    Well by Crom it will be done. After work finished it out, i.e. re-highlighted and decorated the base. Then I got out a real camera and a 20000 lumen flood, with natural light and an incandescent overhead. So, here's the better shot. By the way, if the morning light cooperates tomorrow, I think I'll set up all the skeletons in the dark behind him and redo it with my good camera.
  6. I've still not seen hide nor hair of a Black Ones Scenario. I had some ideas of how to maybe put one together and thought I'd share and maybe get a discussion going. Use the Ruined Fort map. It's not exactly what was described in the story, but the closest. The Overlord would place 4 hidden tokens, 3 pirates and one Sancha (Thalis figure). These are the bound captives. They cannot be attacked until freed. It takes Conan one simple manipulation to free a pirate or Sancha. The Black Ones are not alerted initially, and will only have a few on the map, maybe two? Once 4 are freed, Conan, Sancha and the pirates can flee the map. The Black Ones can use a crow to raise Thog from the pool when all 4 are freed. Crows are used to reinforce The Black Ones on the Map. The overlord wins if Conan, Sancha or all but one pirate dies. The heroes win if Conan, Sancha and 1 pirate escape the map. That's the general idea. It's had zero play testing or balancing. The balancing can be done via the number of initial Black Ones or the number of pirates bound on the map.
  7. garbetsp

    Show Your Thak

    Here's my first pass. I'm going to go back and give him some finger/toe nail detail and decorate the base. However, the weird lighting on this shot with a cheap phone kinda works. Thak is about to punch something in the dark.
  8. garbetsp

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    When the emails go out can you update us here so we can all panic together and dig through our spam buckets?
  9. garbetsp

    Bêlit's guards

    Really like the shield coloration.
  10. garbetsp

    [Strategy] In the clutches of the picts 

    Here's some specifics, Hadrathas can move/teleport into hut #2, and lightning the Picts in #1 (if there is no princess), then teleport out behind the pallasade to recover. With decent lunch, the blue group of Picts is nearly destroyed--the first tile in the Overlords river. Shevatas can move in on the Hyenas in #6, and do them in quickly, reducing the effectiveness of any hyena activation. Conan focuses on the red group in Hut #3 and makes short work of them. Now the Overlord can activate Zogar Sag and move him in to chew on Conan or Shevatas, but any other response is very limited. Even getting the Purple Warriors into position is expensive for the Overlord. As Overlord, any suggestions of response?
  11. garbetsp

    Will the expansions be available to buy?

    Conan 1st Kickstarter was a Conan sized offering of content. I don't know how Monolith managed it all, and there are still some rough edges (but I'm not complaining). I would suggest following a survey, but also keeping the door open to rotating through the rarer less requested ones. Over time all of it should have a chance to come back around, but just not necessarily immediately. Keep the reprint/new prints less problematic and do smaller more frequent ones would seem to be better for everyone involved.
  12. garbetsp

    [Strategy] In the clutches of the picts 

    We've played this one several times. The current strategy for the players that is very effective is to kill as much as possible on Turn 1. If Conan can take out a group of Picts (especially the cheap ones in the river) and have Shevatas take out several Hyenas, the overlord is now playing catch up. By focusing on clearing the board of as much as possible on the first few turns the overlords options get more and more limited, and the chance of a player victory becomes higher and higher. As overlord, I've not quite figured out a good counter to this strategy.
  13. garbetsp

    Show your Bêlit!

    If that qualifies as full barbarian armor, then she's obviously keeping warm in the snow as well.
  14. Being of an analytical sort, I put all the scenarios into a spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tzOjjd9tsUtBXHhG8maKCfavdmw2IqRKHN16NVWKrmo/edit?usp=sharing) to track what I've painted and what I've unlocked. I started to noticed my painting order was not optimal for unlocking scenarios and started getting more strategic about which groups I was painting besides the 'ooooh I really want to paint that one next' which I had been doing. Given that I now had the data, I got curious if it was possible to open a scenario per figure group painted or how closely this could be done. So I ran a greedy algorithm that chose miniatures to paint based on opening a scenario with the minimum number of groups painted. If there is a tie, the winner is the one with the most scenario dependencies, and in case of a further tie the first one in the list. The results are interesting (I reran with what I have painted and my personal ordering has diverged). The first scenario is a third of the way down the list. The campaign scenarios don't come out in order, but with a little tweaking they could be made too as at this point it's mostly single models. In general the median number of groups to paint to open a scenario is one and the average is one point three. Seventy-five percent are two groups or less. The worst and it falls to the bottom is Khitai, as one has to pretty much paint everything to open all it's scenarios. Nordheim starts opening early. Yogah is curiously near the top, and you best get those Bossonians done first. Here is the resulting ordering: 'The Wrath of Anu' by painting: Conan, Bossonian Guards, Thak 'Run Till You Drop' by painting: Atali, Crows 'Yara's Trap' by painting: Yogah of Yag, Captain, Bossonian Archers 'Infernal Pursuit 1' by painting: Shevatas, Pirates 'Trapped Like Rats' by painting: Hadrathus 'Infernal Pursuit 2' by painting: Zaporavo 'The Key of Kuthchemes' by painting: 'For All of Ophir's Gold' by painting: Thalis (Princess), Hyenas 'Yogah´s Rebirth' by painting: Kushite Witch Hunters 'The Cursed Mirrors' by painting: Belit, Belit's Guards 'The Terrible Lovers' by painting: Conan (Thief) 'Conspiracy in Khauran' by painting: Crossbowmen 'Hunting the Tigress' by painting: Skulthus, Outer Dark Demon 'The Crawling Shadow' by painting: Valeria, Thog 'The Serpent's Awakening' by painting: Conan (Warlord), Olgerd Vladislav 'The Treasure of Tranitos' by painting: Taurus, Dark Demon 'In The Name of Ibis' by painting: Mummies, Skeletons 'In the Heart of Darkness' by painting: Giant Snake, Khosatral Khel 'Damned Resurrection' by painting: Conan (Wanderer), Natohk 'The Hammer and the Anvil' by painting: Niord, Giant Wolves, Giants 'The Resurrected Horde' by painting: Aesir Warriors, Vanir Warriors 'A Red Sun Rises' by painting: Pict Hunters 'In the Clutches of the Picts' by painting: Zogar Sag, Pict Warriors 'The Final Ritual' by painting: 'Red Dawn' by painting: 'Facing the Serpent-Specter' by painting: Pict Archers 'The White Witch' by painting: Zelata 'The Thing From the Swamp' by painting: Tentacles 'Sacrificial Heroes' by painting: Pallantides 'The Last Ditch Invocation' by painting: N'Gora, Pelias, Thaug 'Uproar in Messantia (1)' by painting: Belit (Savage), Conan (Amra) 'When the Dead Walk (4)' by painting: 'The Mad Shaman (6)' by painting: 'The Cursed Treasures of Khawarizm (17)' by painting: 'The Last Dagonian (19)' by painting: Balthus/Slasher 'A Terrifying Incantation (11)' by painting: Khemsa 'Approached by the Vandal (12)' by painting: 'The Horror from the Abyss (13)' by painting: 'A Lion Among Panthers' by painting: Forest Demon 'Behind the Barricades (15)' by painting: 'The Treasure Chest (8)' by painting: Hyperborean Primitive 'Death from the North' by painting: Conan (General) 'An Explosive Enigma (10)' by painting: Grey Man Ape 'The Unmasked Pirate (2)' by painting: Gitara 'An Ape, Several Kegs and a Girl' by painting: Constantius 'The Crook's Hideout (7)' by painting: Giant Scorpion 'The Inn of All Dangers (5)' by painting: Bone Golem 'The Woman Who Never Died (9)' by painting: Akivasha 'For the Blood of a Barbarian' by painting: Ageera 'The Mystical Dagger (14)' by painting: Swamp Demon 'The Fortress of Xapur (18)' by painting: Giant Spider 'An Improbable Alliance (3)' by painting: Kerim Shah 'The Spellbook of the Gray Man-Ape (16)' by painting: Warlock 'Where the Thunder Rumbles' by painting: Sabertooth Tiger 'A Dragon on the Marches' by painting: Dragon 'Sedition' by painting: Amboola, Conan (Mercenary) 'The Iron Hand' by painting: 'The Zamboula Strangler' by painting: Baal Pteor 'The Curse of the Shape-shifter' by painting: Camel 'The Fifth Plague of Stygia' by painting: Thot Amon, Assassins, Eternal Guard 'Defeat or Die' by painting: Ikhmet 'The Lost King' by painting: Scorpion Broodmother 'The Curse of the Scorpion' by painting: 'The Price of Success' by painting: Balthus, Kothian Archer, Black Dragons 'The Magnificent Three' by painting: Shentu, Foo Dogs, Honor Guards, Javelin Throwers, Khitan Guards 'A Bloody Burglary' by painting: 'Smoke Screen' by painting: 'The Remedy' by painting: There is of course the possibility of mistakes in my scenario numbers in the spreadsheet, if you notice any let me know.

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