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  1. garbetsp

    [Khitai] Tower

    We need a reference pdf of all LOS for all maps in this format.
  2. garbetsp

    Gen Con 2018

    I got so excited I went all in on Mythic Battles 1.5.
  3. In the rushed confusion of Gencon 2018, my understanding is they are reworking Corinthia to make Conan work with Mythic Battles on a broader scale. What that means, or it was just a fevered dream induced by black lotus, I don't know but I find the prospect exciting.
  4. garbetsp

    Gen Con 2018

    I'll be there.
  5. garbetsp

    Show your Zaporavo!

    Now that gets the award for angriest face. He really looks upset and ready to do battle.
  6. garbetsp

    Show your Zaporavo!

    For some reason I got one with a crooked nose. Decided to leave it that way, gives him a sad look. Managed to mess up the eyes so they don't point in the same direction. Decided to leave it that way as well, adds to the sad ambiance.
  7. garbetsp

    Show your Bossonian Archers!

    Purple because their tile is purple...
  8. I was trying to do rough through's of the scenario I'm working on. I looked at dice average calculations and realized that using these calculations is misleading. A far better statistic is the median. The reason for this (especially with reroll) is that distributions can be asymmetrical so the average is misleading. The median roll represents one could expect to roll or better 50% of the time. https://github.com/spgarbet/conan/blob/master/dice.R Thus with some shorthand, I could quickly roll through my scenario multiple times till the median outcomes were fairly balanced. Now for actual playtesting with dice. Also, this exercise has informed my game play as to what is a good use of gems versus a poor one. Take for example Conan with a 2-handed sword versus a Black One. He can't reroll so the expected median is straight-forward, He can invest 1-5 gems in the attack and expect to get 3,5,6,7,9 hits or greater 50% of the time. The Black One has an armor value of 3, so a 4 is needed for a kill. Thus 2 gems would be sufficient, but the Overlord can guard, and it's going to take 4 gems with a Crow in the right position to get him back. Each gem invested cancels the same number of hits or better 50% of the time. So the overlord could spend up to 4 gems to save a Black One. These means 4 or more will be cancelled. So Conan needs to hit for 7 or better and needs to invest 4 gems to get a 50% or better outcome chance of killing the Black One. So, to be sure he's getting a kill he should invest 5 gems in the attack. At this point the OL decides it's not worth it and doesn't guard at all spending nothing! So killing a Black One for Conan is an expensive investment. Thus Conan has to look for opportunities when the OL has run low on gems, because it's a tough won and expensive fight.
  9. garbetsp

    Black Ones Discussion

    I think it's close to working. Some playthroughs have had some interesting moments and both sides have managed a win at this point.
  10. garbetsp

    Black Ones Discussion

    I'm made a first pass at it. I'm now actively working on balancing, so I'm going to still be modifying to suit. Oddly, it's rarely in Conan's interest to fight unless something is blocking his way forward or the OL has few gems (which he starts with very few to build the alarm). https://www.conan-scenarios.com/scenarioPage.php?MissionId=1219
  11. garbetsp

    Yogah strides forth

  12. garbetsp

    Olgred Scoffs at Your Lack of Unibrow

    Well the face really didn't take much effort. It's mostly just inks and thinned flesh paint treated the same as the rest of his exposed body. The only thing that was difficult was the eyes. I think they're the best I've done yet. I have a 10/0 brush, that's old and missing half the bristles so it's really a 20/0. I've been looking at eyes in photo stills and realized they've never dead white, but really a light shade of grey. So I used my lightest grey to put horizontal strokes across the eyes. Then for the blacks of the eye. I was incredibly steady and tried to hit the top middle of the whites with black and bend down slightly with the brush. I have poor depth perception so most of the attempts I completely missed getting the brush all the way to the miniature. Eventually I realized just keep going till I see the brush bend (which appeared as if I'd shoved the paintbrush through his face to my skewed vision). I used Smoky Ink (Vallejo) for the eyebrows as well and messed up, realized it looked like a Slavic eyebrow and then did the other side to match. The only real disappointment I have is the primer went on grainy, and the end model is kinda grainy. It was a 100 degrees that day. Apparently, you should never primer in the heat of summer. What colors did you use for that brown flesh on the right? It's coming up soon in my painting efforts, and I really like those tones.
  13. garbetsp

    What do people hope for in the 2019 KS?

    The reference I made was about a comment in the Mythic Battles campaign. I don't remember where I saw it. They didn't reprint the Artists Boxes, and got a few questions on it.
  14. garbetsp

    Extra gems for the game?

    After a bit of googling, it seems the original imports have dried up for the most part. However, I did find the correct terms: 'HUELE Acrylic Clear Ice Rock Crystals Treasure Gems'. Amazon has them.
  15. garbetsp

    Conan Core Game Cover Box Art

    Here's my matrix of miniatures by scenario: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tzOjjd9tsUtBXHhG8maKCfavdmw2IqRKHN16NVWKrmo/edit?usp=sharing

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