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  1. Thanks. I suspected these things, but it's good to know. I've had to weight a base in another game where the mini came way out over it in the front making it unstable. AB epoxy and a tiny fishing weight did the trick. It's my understanding that super glue is incredibly strong in one direction and very weak side to side. If you have something super glued it can be near impossible to pull apart (the bond being stronger than the material) but if it takes a hit to the side it can just let go with little force. If the surface is crinkled or too rough then the bond direction is scrambled and it does not adhere well.
  2. Question on rebasing: How do you make sure it's solid on the base for play? I understand if they're for show one can keep them in a case and handle delicately, but for table top use they have to be sturdy enough for regular handling. I've seen several rebased that look positively fragile with a tiny point of contact and just a spot of glue. Atali struck me as somewhat solid across her base, so I wasn't worried.
  3. It was my first attempt at rebasing. I have no idea what I'll do with the rest. That one however, really needed something to give it bit more umph. She is up on a tree stump, calling to Conan.
  4. garbetsp

    Compendium 1 EN

    By Crom you've done it!
  5. Not that I can tell. I've still got unpainted ones going back to 1978. Just when I start gaining ground, a whole new incredible looking line comes out. Edit: I just remembered when I moved I gave away around a thousand painted ones to kids in the local gaming shop. I kept the unpainted ones.
  6. Gangfight is a generic miniature skirmish game. Use any miniatures and dice it out. https://www.gangfightgames.com/ Originally it was just weird west fights, but the designers decided to make it a generic system and they ran a Kickstarter. Want Conan to fight Space Marines, go for it! A Greek god up against an army of crows and wolves, sure why not.
  7. Working on getting a game of Gangfight going for the holidays. Scooby-doo vs. the Bad Shrooms.
  8. I got some drafts of it done, and kinda lost steam on the project. But since there's interest I can finish it out this holiday and get it balanced out. It's really hard, the Black Ones are tough and consume a lot gems to take out. So if Conan running about waking up allies, balancing the rate of regeneration from Black Ones is tricky. I have a spreadsheet that summarizes the paths and I can play with the numbers and trying to find a 50/50 balance of the Nash equilibrium is very tricky. I got someone here to play through it and they found the optimal path on first play. So it fell short of my goal of having a bit more subtlety about the best path.
  9. My personal preference is adventure mode. If I'm to convince my wife to play it must be co-op. Since I have a lack of players due to covid, I'm voting co-op.
  10. I pulled the MSDS for Aleene's glue just to see what made it different. It's a standard PVA glue like Elmer's and is not one of the formaldehyde enhanced ones. I noticed it's pH is low (4.5). I looked this up and the pH of PVA glue is dependent on fiber size (lower pH ~ smaller fibers). This indicates a fiber size of around 275nm. This results in tighter bonds than brands with bigger fibers. So the difference is that they've filtered it down to include the better bonding small fibers. I've now ordered some for my work table.
  11. If one is looking for something uplifting don't browse the comments on any Kickstarter project. It's not down at YouTube levels of depravity, but it trends negative in general.
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