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  1. I went for Alice Cooper eyes. He moonlights in a glam rock band.
  2. I really enjoyed painting this one. However, never never spray prime in a heat wave--disappointingly bumpy.
  3. I am so glad this forum exists. Trolling on the Kickstarter platform is out of control, discussion here is still rational. Overlord, please make sure to swiftly kick trolls out of here!
  4. I see a broken link. Server problems?
  5. I think I uploaded this before, but it's an action shot of Taurus. Taurus is a really fun one to paint.
  6. From the French Overlord site, the rumor is "Red Nails" is the focus.
  7. GenCon is over and I'm chomping at the bit to hear something. However, I suspect there's a good bout of GenCon fatigue and jet-lag to contend with first. Impatiently waiting is somehow part of the character i was given.
  8. garbetsp

    Gencon 2019

    Any word on who's going to be at Gencon 2019? Will there be surprises? Demos? Swag? I'll be there on Friday.
  9. Reaper is probably the biggest catalogue of possible proxies. If you want something with more exposed flesh but smaller selection Hasslefree is good. Heresy has some great sculpts at a higher price point. Also be sure to check out Iron Wind Metals. There are tons of great sculpts out there, but the price adds up quick and the great deal that the Monolith offerings provide becomes apparent with a little shopping.
  10. I think what needs to happen is the industry needs to get away from the mm references for scale. We should start using 1:58 or whatever the appropriate ratio is. https://alkony.enerla.net/english/nexus-english/miniatures-nexus/miniature-hobby/miniatures-a-question-of-size-and-scale-explaining-miniature-size-and-miniature-scale
  11. Miniature scale is traditionally measured from bottom of feet to eye level. A 6' tall man being the reference point of the scale. A 28mm scale miniature could measure 32mm tall, but it is referred to as 28mm scale.
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