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  1. I hope they have decent upgrade kits for the faithful.
  2. I see from that last photo that it was probably intended to be fold over boots. I thought they were just super bell bottoms. Lol. Should I repaint? I've not sealed yet.
  3. Well here's my efforts. He does look dashing.
  4. Well we now know how well moderation is going.
  5. https://the-overlord.net/index.php?/profile/5887-meric5975/ is obviously spamming the site.
  6. Here they are: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_max7kB98Ge82ZefT7ipv7_nYrAEEpA-
  7. Oh, give it day. I have them all in my local downloads. If it's not back then I can push them up somewhere else.
  8. Looks like it has technical issues. The directories with the code are still there, and I see a database backup but nothing is executing.
  9. I started a thread on the Vengeance of Penthesilea
  10. I went further and added up the RP. The Trojans have the advantage 15-14. Then on top of it they have gifts and an easy mission.
  11. I found this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1938965/old-grudges-first-impression-heroes-trojan-wars-sc If no one else speaks up this scenario appears to need some rework. The Greek player should be able to swap someone for Achilles at a minimum. Also they need a ranged hero badly.
  12. Played this one today and it seemed horrible stacked against the Greek Army. I hope I'm just played some rules wrong. First of all as the Trojans, I got an altar first turn and an an altar second turn with Penthesilea with the Amazons in tow, pretty much before the Greeks could mount any decent response. 2 stones were left behind and Paris absorbed those on the 2nd turn. At this point it's just a battle for the other side of the board. I managed to reduce the Argonauts to 3 during this. Shortly afterward Penthesilea made it up a rock and was out. Now having burned a lot of Art of War cards, a stall begins on the Trojan side. The Greeks get deployed and put the hurt Mymidons and kill Paris. Heracles manages to claim the apples. I spend a lot turns passing just trying to get Hercules to get a move on. Achilles and Hercules prove very very hard to hurt. At this point on rereading the Greek player should have been going for Mighty Throw to shake some apples loose. However, the retaliations from Hercules and Achilles pretty much wiped out any shot the Greek player due to their damage ability. Hippolyta was the only one really holding her own. The Amazons made it up on a rock and just worked on poaching. Question 1) If the other side has no ranged units left and you perch some on a rock is it really just easy pickings with no ability for the otherside to respond? Question 2) Does this really come down to mighty throw shaking apples loose between the sides? Question 3) What are the Greek strengths that could be brought to bear to slow down the advance? It seems it would be better if they had a few units with Block.
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