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  1. Love the 2-tone hue. I gotta up my game.
  2. I pulled the MSDS for Aleene's glue just to see what made it different. It's a standard PVA glue like Elmer's and is not one of the formaldehyde enhanced ones. I noticed it's pH is low (4.5). I looked this up and the pH of PVA glue is dependent on fiber size (lower pH ~ smaller fibers). This indicates a fiber size of around 275nm. This results in tighter bonds than brands with bigger fibers. So the difference is that they've filtered it down to include the better bonding small fibers. I've now ordered some for my work table.
  3. If one is looking for something uplifting don't browse the comments on any Kickstarter project. It's not down at YouTube levels of depravity, but it trends negative in general.
  4. This sounds like really good advice. Nice, I'll give the tacky glue a try. Be ware that most PVA's that are stronger contain formaldehyde or something similar as a solvent. So no eating the glue! I also like to buy the smallest tubes of super glue possible (I currently have 12 tiny tubes of it). The bigger bottles just gunk up beyond belief. I got one with changeable tips and I never could those to work properly.
  5. My weekly game group is now an online RPG group due to COVID. My wife really disliked me cackling as the overlord and has refused to play it. I managed to talk her into a solo game of this. It was fun. It convinced my wife to give the game another try and playing on the same team for her was good. She really liked that I had all my miniatures painted. I noticed how much I've improved over time and was overcome with an urge to touch my earlier ones up, but managed to resist. The scenario itself is interesting. The ranged fire is deadly and must be dealt with asap. If the heroes kill too many pirates early, then the odds of ranged fire happening again are enough to put them in serious danger. So with the overlord opening the turn maker moves from zero to 1. The first solo draw was Zaporavo. By the solo rules he tries to take the path of least resistance. I didn't know what this was when a jump with water that takes two is involved. I moved him to position for a difficulty 1 jump. The second solo draw was blue pirates. They rushed in and did what they could. One didn't make the jump. The third tile was a hail of ranged fire. It took out Belits guards and left her with a wound. Whew. We now have some space to breath and the only immediate threat is the red pirates. Conan moves in and takes out the two that could threaten his beloved Belit. Valeria decided to mop up the rest of the nearby pirates and dispatched them in a flurry of swordsman ship. Belit moved and opened two chests granting her leather armor and a life potion, a very lucky draw! Conan decides to go after the archers and spends to jump over hoping someone would pick on him next turn. Now, the turn marker moves to 2. The text is awkward in the scenario. I interpreted it as "When the turn marker moves onto 3 at the start of the overlords turn, Skulthus becomes the dark demon". So I didn't replace him at this point. Because the red pirates were turned over, they moved to the end of the river and their number removed. Now Skulthus activates. He moves towards Belit but doesn't have enough to jump so he stays at the side of the boat and drains Conan some energy. Then the archers activate again due to the river shift. Oh crap! Belit takes 2 more wounds and loses another guard. A pirate group moves in and attacks. Belit is most of her energy in defense. I think Valeria takes a wound. Belit uses the life potion. The heroes take their turn. Conan can no longer stand these archers hurting Belit and he spends every remaining energy cube to take them out. Valeria moves on Skulthus and takes him out expending most of her energy. Belit cleans up some pirates in her area. The turn marker moves to 3. The Dark Demon would have been a difficult opponent at this point, so Valeria's move was a wise one. Zaporavo activates, as well each of the last two pirates. Zaporavo leaves Belit with 3 more wounds. The heroes take their turn. Conan can do little without a full rest. Valeria and Belit threw in their all both got incredible rolls and managed to take out Zaporavo. It could easily have gone another round, and Valeria would have probably fallen. If Zaporavo could have gotten 3 turns at this point he probably would take out Belit as well. Questions: 1) What is the difficulty of a jump? (It costs two move) 2) How does jumping affect the solo "least resistance" rule? 3) If we eliminated everyone but Zaporavo would he activate 3 times in the Overlord solo rules?
  6. Welcome aboard the Conan train! It's some really great minis and what I find to be a very fun game. As far as Monolith and communication, they've had a rough go of it. When they've over communicated the whingers come out and tear it apart. When they've under communicated pleas for more abound. And when (at least in my view) have clearly communicated masses of folks complain that they didn't understand and are upset about some detail that was clearly stated multiple times. Their timing is all over the place, right now typically when there's some good progress to share. These things happen when Crom is change.
  7. For an unprimed surface, cyanoacrylate (super glue) is really the best. I used polyvinyl acetate (PVA or Elmers) on a base once and had it looking incredible. Got finished and it separated in a perfect thin disc. I ended up using super glue to fix. For a primed / painted surface PVA works better. Super glue can appear very glossy if there is any excess. I generally try to get it all set with PVA, prime. Then for grass tufts cyanoacrylate, and static grass PVA. If you have any contrast washes PVA will dissolve. So make sure you're painting is done before any PVA is used. I personally buy stuff mostly from Green Stuff World. I don't know who's the best. I've picked up things in hobby stores and they didn't work as I envisioned. I threw them in my growing 'bits box'. Later they worked perfectly in some other context. So try things. Some will work, some won't. If you really want to make sure of a new technique, just prime some empty bases and experiment. Take all this with a grain of salt, I'm still learning and am by no means an expert. My models are far from perfect, but in those spare moments of time mixing a little paint I find it very relaxing. There's been a few "nailed it" moments that I've let go about and my wife and I make up a story about how they could have ended up in such bad shape, "Well that one was out all night at the club and got hit by a motor bike on the way home."
  8. I decided to tackle the infamous yellow.
  9. Oh, one more thing. Most of the time I'm just putting sand and little grains on with super glue. Sometimes I screw it up. I hide that with grass.
  10. Get some grass tufts and some static grass as well. The thing it took me a bit to figure out with the static grass is that you really need a gob of glue and you push a wad of it on the base. It stands up as it dries. My earlier minis the grass looks terrible because I just put a little bit on.
  11. I'm doing both of those above. However, for basing my focus is a little different. I want some variation so not everything is the same. I have some cracked mud paint, some red iron earth, some rock, even some stumps. My goal is to provide a setting for the miniature but not to overshadow it. It has to sit in the visual space behind the miniature and frame it. To this end I've mostly used muted earth tones, occasionally greens or reds. But I use the color scheme of the miniature and think about what would look good framing it. Most of the time, my default choice is earth tones if I don't want to think about it much.
  12. Cleanup on isle 3!
  13. How does one run the Overlord in solo/co-op?
  14. Still being lazy about finishing basing.
  15. Still need to do some basing, but I'm getting there.
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