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  1. I visited my wife's homeland of New Zealand these last two weeks and picked up 3 UK editions of Conan books while there. Nice addition to my US collection. I could have bought more, but didn't have room in luggage to bring them back safely. @Epaka - Your collection makes me sad for the things I lost over the years, due to flooding and moving. I don't really buy Action Figures / models anymore, but I've been tempted by that Arnold in thief paint figure a few times now. It's great.
  2. @Derek - Here's some info, including the first few pages. Looks cool. Conan / Wonder Woman Link
  3. Mounted minis would be great, maybe some Aquilonian Knights and Hyrkanian Horse Archers. I'd love to see a Manotaur (from a Marvel comic) A Child of Set (from The God in the Bowl) would be amazing! I painted my first Giant Snake like Satha, but an actual Satha would be great. Also Tsotha-Lanti, Nabonidus (with some traps/tricks), Some Kushites and some Darfari cannibals, a Crawler in the Dark, Nestor Juma if we are going pastiche, and movie Valeria (Hell, Movie Thulsa Doom) Amalric and Lissa from the Drums of Tombalku fragment. The demon from the Snout in the Dark fragment. Captain Bor'Aqh Sharaq if we are going really pastiche. Forest Ghouls.
  4. Easy One : King Kong? Hard One: Skeletor, the early years?
  5. That's awesome info Pallantides! Thanks for sharing that. Always happy to hear new Conan fun facts.
  6. I'll put in another vote for Roy Thomas and Big John Buscema. Nobody could bring a scene to life like Buscema, and the characters all look so natural all the time. Derek - I also like those crossovers! I'm looking forward to the Conan/Wonder Woman crossover too. I've always been a sucker for crossover books.
  7. That God in the Bowl book is amazing! It's one of my favorite Conan stories too because he is so feral and fresh to civilization. My Del Rey books are probably my most prized Conan possession. However, I'll never let go of my issues of Conan King-Size Annual 3 and 4. They were the issues that were part of a large comic book stack my mom purchased at a garage sale in 1982, and my very first exposure to Conan. I'm also very happy to still have the Official Handbook of the Conan Universe. ... and I can't forget about the two movie posters.
  8. I went with a comic book blue-green coloration for these mummies. They have so many little bandage bits! Took forever.
  9. Painted up Savage one first, as I'm a big Buscema fan. Wish I had put a darker base under the golden jewelry.
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