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  1. So I finally started painting my MB:P miniatures (and by "started painting" I mean making bases and spraying primer on them), and as with all my miniatures from board games I would like to paint them as close as I can to their art. Previously I've done that using game cards or web pages as reference, but in MBP cards/dasboards have only part of the image and I can't find page images for all MB:P miniatures... And then I got enlightend! I do have art book for MB:P. It's big and it does not fit on my desk, and I would hate to ruin it by accidental paint splashes, but maybe, just maybe there is somewhere MB:P art book in PDF that I can use as reference! So I know, first world problem, but do anyone know if Monolith provided PDF version of MB:P artbook? Or maybe someone has it and would be nice enough to send it to me? PS. If there is PDF copy of Conan art book I would also really appreciate it since Conan is next in line for painting... 🙂
  2. 50$ for faction box seems like really good price. However, while content is abundant, for me, as previous Conan backer, it's not that stellar... I fully understand all Monolith arguments thet they presented on facebook, but I feel that combination of really high funding goal, no SG, short campaign, reusing old sculpts (we'll see if other faction boxes will look better) and high cost for all new content (4 faction boxes 50 each, 20 for core box + at least few second life kits) will make this KS really hard for them. I read all the updates. so I know that it's more pick what you like KS and not buy it all KS, I know why they are reusing old miniatures, why funding goal is so high etc. but the truth is, that most people will not know this things. They probably hop on the bandwagon, so initial few days will be great and then they start asking for SG, questioning funding goal etc... When you add to that that las update on Batman KS was 2 months ago... Well, I wish them luck, I hope it works, but it looks like it may be really hard Ks.
  3. So any new news from Trick Track live? Or is everything already on Monolith facebook page?
  4. I like it. I like it a lot in fact. Ofcourse I need to see more details (prices for Universe boxes etc) but as an idea I like it a lot. I'm not familliar with Batman versus mode (well obviously I know the basics but not the specifics of it) so I'll need to ask: Is there only one mission/way to win ("Last man standing") or are there other scenarios/missions in this mode? I only hope that Monolith will produce new content for Conan KS (new miniatures, new boards etc.) so I won't have duplicates, or that Monolith will provide upgrade packs of some sort... I'm also really excited about this Second Life initiative... So many possibilities! I would love to see agreements with CMON (Zombicide, Massive Darkness, Blood Rage, Rising Sun even Rum'n'Bones or Trudvang Legends eventually... - Maybe it's that big partner mentioned in FAQ... At least I hope so!) and Kingdom Death - It would be nice to have another use for those miniatures...
  5. So I'm planning to have few games of MB:P with friends next week, and I was looking for good video tutorials or rule summaries that I can send them so they can learn game before we play. And then I thought: Why not ask on The Overlord? So, do you know any good rules summaries and/or video tutorials in English?
  6. So what is Mecamorphosis? I think I can safely assume it's a board game, possibly based about mechs. But can you tell us more?
  7. I guess now, that Monolith lost Conan license, Compedium II in English is not happening. At least not till 2020. They may publish it in PDF form, but they cannot do any physical Conan related products till the end of 2019.
  8. My compendium finally arrived! Bend but not creased so fortunately I'm all good.
  9. No, I perfectly know what I'm talking about Mythic Games created all 3 games: Mythic Battles, Joann of Arc and Solomon Kane. They developed mechanic for all three of them, and instead evolving single mechanic, they made 3 vastly different, but smart and working mechanics (at least in MB:P and JoA. We can't say for sure about SK just yet). And that was my point. Who produced the game (MB:P in that case) and who owns the rights to the game does not matter in this case. I understand your point of view, but comparing RPG games to BoardGames in my opinion does not prove your point. Tabletop games are more constrained in their nature than RPG. In RPG mechanic is just tool to work your story with players, and in all RPG books I've read there is always sentence that says that DM may change/break rules if it fits his adventure/scene better. Can you imagine Overlord in Conan changing rules because it fit's him better? Not really, since in tabletop games rules have fundamentally different role. Better analogy would be comparing THS games with computer games in my opinion. For example with FIFA (basically same game every year with slight changes in mechanic) or even better, Assassins Creed (different setting in every game but same mechanic with slight changes). I don't know if you played Assassins Creed but I did. And first 2-3 games were new and enjoyable then they became more and more boring in terms of gameplay...
  10. I'm in Poland. so slightly further away, and nothing here yet.
  11. I do not deny that Buffy would fit well in THS. However personally I am against it. It may not be really wise from business stand point but I would prefer to reserve THS for Conan and Batman series only (so 2 franchises, 3 games for now). Mechanic works and is great, however I don't see myself buying more games based on it beyond Conan and Batman (I still have hard time buying Batman, since Conan with updated mechanic is coming next year). I would prefer to get new mechanics for future projects. In that sense I really like how Mythic works: They made 3 games so far (Mythic Battles, Joann of Arc and now newly announced Solomon Kane), each with different mechanic.
  12. I agree. Game is KS Exclusive and there are two simple pledge levels, so Monolith have opportunity to design storage solution for all-in pledge to accomodate game + all expansions + all sg into 2-3 big boxes.
  13. I think that all expansions will be reprinted during KS, either as Stretch Goals or as Add-ons. I mean, there is no reason not to do this, and it is almost certain that Claustrophobia will be another successful campaign. However, if you have base game and hope to buy only expansions it will be unlikely because: 1. Normally during KS to get add-ons you need to buy base game (that was the case in all KS I backed) 2. They probably will not be compatible with previous editions (different card backs, different tokens, and probably core rules will be changed)
  14. Should we expect tracking/notification, or are they sent by standard post?
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