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    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I guess now, that Monolith lost Conan license, Compedium II in English is not happening. At least not till 2020. They may publish it in PDF form, but they cannot do any physical Conan related products till the end of 2019.
  2. Iesthir

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    My compendium finally arrived! Bend but not creased so fortunately I'm all good.
  3. Iesthir

    Monolith.... Buffy?

    No, I perfectly know what I'm talking about Mythic Games created all 3 games: Mythic Battles, Joann of Arc and Solomon Kane. They developed mechanic for all three of them, and instead evolving single mechanic, they made 3 vastly different, but smart and working mechanics (at least in MB:P and JoA. We can't say for sure about SK just yet). And that was my point. Who produced the game (MB:P in that case) and who owns the rights to the game does not matter in this case. I understand your point of view, but comparing RPG games to BoardGames in my opinion does not prove your point. Tabletop games are more constrained in their nature than RPG. In RPG mechanic is just tool to work your story with players, and in all RPG books I've read there is always sentence that says that DM may change/break rules if it fits his adventure/scene better. Can you imagine Overlord in Conan changing rules because it fit's him better? Not really, since in tabletop games rules have fundamentally different role. Better analogy would be comparing THS games with computer games in my opinion. For example with FIFA (basically same game every year with slight changes in mechanic) or even better, Assassins Creed (different setting in every game but same mechanic with slight changes). I don't know if you played Assassins Creed but I did. And first 2-3 games were new and enjoyable then they became more and more boring in terms of gameplay...
  4. Iesthir

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I'm in Poland. so slightly further away, and nothing here yet.
  5. Iesthir

    Monolith.... Buffy?

    I do not deny that Buffy would fit well in THS. However personally I am against it. It may not be really wise from business stand point but I would prefer to reserve THS for Conan and Batman series only (so 2 franchises, 3 games for now). Mechanic works and is great, however I don't see myself buying more games based on it beyond Conan and Batman (I still have hard time buying Batman, since Conan with updated mechanic is coming next year). I would prefer to get new mechanics for future projects. In that sense I really like how Mythic works: They made 3 games so far (Mythic Battles, Joann of Arc and now newly announced Solomon Kane), each with different mechanic.
  6. Iesthir

    Batman stretch goals

    I agree. Game is KS Exclusive and there are two simple pledge levels, so Monolith have opportunity to design storage solution for all-in pledge to accomodate game + all expansions + all sg into 2-3 big boxes.
  7. Iesthir

    Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    I think that all expansions will be reprinted during KS, either as Stretch Goals or as Add-ons. I mean, there is no reason not to do this, and it is almost certain that Claustrophobia will be another successful campaign. However, if you have base game and hope to buy only expansions it will be unlikely because: 1. Normally during KS to get add-ons you need to buy base game (that was the case in all KS I backed) 2. They probably will not be compatible with previous editions (different card backs, different tokens, and probably core rules will be changed)
  8. Iesthir

    Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Should we expect tracking/notification, or are they sent by standard post?
  9. Iesthir

    Mythic battles, what future ?

    And finally we got answer to this question: Mythic Games next project will be miniature board game based on Solomon Kane!
  10. Iesthir

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    That is also what I'm hoping for. New stand-alone core box (or two, like in Batman campaign) and upgrade pack for old box if rules changed dramatically.
  11. I see your point of view, and I agree that art/sculpting that should not be limited (unless it is funded by government - so basically everyone's - money, but that separate debate for other topic). However I do feel that your proposition is not feasible. Alternate miniatures still need to be sculpted, alternate illustrations need to be painted, molds need to be made etc. That costs money, and, while during KS people who want alternate versions/less nudity are very vocal and persistent, they tend to be minority of backers, so it simply may be too expensive to do. Basically what I'm saying is: Don't count on alternate versions and don't have high hopes for them, but ultimately it is Monolith that has all the data and it is Monolith that will make final decision. That being said, Vikings have less nudity than Greeks (because of cold in the north probably ), and current sculpts follow this trend. Personally I would welcome and hope for miniatures similar to Serpent Clan from Blood Rage, but it seems like Monolith is going for more realistic depiction of Vikings. But after Conan and Mythic Battles Campaign, and seeing Batman previews I do feel that Monolith is really, really good at grasping heart and soul of source material, even if it is not really popular decision in mainstream (vide Conan nudity issues). So I believe that they whatever they will do I will like it, and I hope that they will keep this attitude during their next campaigns (specially Conan ).
  12. Iesthir

    Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    I'll quote myself from another topic:
  13. I don't know if it's just me, or is it picture fault, but her face looks like zombie.
  14. Campaign will most likely be in USD, since all previous Monolith campaigs were in this currency. Let's assume 40USD for shipping, and that's about 32EUR (current exchange rate), so basically 30-40EUR is more than enough for shipping.
  15. You can squeeze Base Pledge, Hera, Poseidon and all smaller expansions except Manticore in Hera and Poseidon box, it is quite barbaric for miniatures but they fit. However I agree that it would be nice if the game was more squeezed. Assuming that MB:R will be KS Exclusive, it would be nice, if it was planned around storage. I wouldn't mind not getting boxes for separate expansions if it would mean that whole game neatly fits in 2-3 boxes.
  16. I agree. I wonder if we will get generic civilians/hostages
  17. It depends on few things, mainly on where are you based and how many stuff do you get. Let's take Mythic Battles as example: I ordered 2 big boxes (base game + SG), 2 smaller boxes (2 big expansions) and few small ones (3-4 small expansions). Shipping from France to Poland was 46$ and this is quite standard shipping price for the box of this size and weight. If you order only base game + SG shipping should be around 30-35$. Joan of Arc (similar sized game) have shipping around this, and I believe that original Conan also have similar shipping cost (I can't find pledge summary for it thou).
  18. Iesthir

    Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    I would love to have rules for more than 2 players. But I guess it depend on how will rules/gameplay of new edition differ from previous one.
  19. Personally I find this completely unnecessary. Right now, MB are perfectly working skirmish game on board, with interactive terrain and interesting and tight mechanic. Moving this to tabletop will bring nothing interesting to the game. On the contrary, it may make it more cumbersome and slow. To transfer MB to tabletop you would need to add at least: Measuring/pre-measuring distances to move/shoot/charge/engage etc. - All that right now is taken care of by spaces on board. It's more elegant, quicker and easier that way LOS Rules, LOS checks etc. - LOS is tricky to do even in board game (e.g. Conan), not to mention tabletop game. Here, again, spaces take care of this Unit cohesion - What if only part of the unit can reach forest? Or part of the unit is in water? Then either whole unit takes penalty or you treat models case-by-case and slow down the game And there is more: Units may behave completely different, so they probably should be rebalanced - would you pay for additional cards/dashboards with new stats for a game with limited availability? Since I mentioned limited availability - that is also an issue. Someone who got two sets may have advantage over another player because it allows him to field bigger units, or two units of the same type. Can you even take more than one unit of same kind? Can both players take same heroes? How do you balance around all that? It is a lot of work that ultimately may be just dead end. Original Mythic Battles, and then Mythic Battles Pantheon were design to make Wargame experience as tight and enjoyable as possible, and it works perfectly. As a wargamer I can't see anything that wargame may improve in this system. If there will be fan rules - why not, but official rules seem really unnecessary.
  20. Iesthir

    Overlord and Half Naked Girls

    Pro tip: If you do not change layout till next Conan KS it will be still relevant
  21. Iesthir

    Overlord and Half Naked Girls

    That is basically what I wanted to say, but since English is not my primary language, It may have been not that clear I think that later we will get more art at least from MB. Remember that Monolith just took MB. It will take time before they organize all things, and forum layout is probably at the end of the TO DO list.
  22. Not many things are clear right now, since it seems like Conan is really early in development. I mean, you still can vote what expansions you want to be included and a lot may change before KS. However, as far as I know it is not a reprint. More like Conan second edition. From what I gathered and remember, we can assume: New expansions - Obviously, since there is vote for them in the forums New rules for Overlord vs Overlord - it was mentioned that 2019 Conan will have same Overlord vs Overlord system as Batman Revamped rules - Rules for Batman are basically same as for Conan but with few tweaks to fit them better in Batman setting and with few improvements for base system. Improvements will be implemented in new Conan as far as I know. That is all that is known for now. If someone can add something to this list - it would be great. Personally I think that there will be: New core box with two books of Skelos New expansions New SG Old core box as add-on, possibly with Kings pledge box Old expansion as add-on Upgrade Kit for old core box as add-on - only if changes in rules will need upgraded components to be implemented in old core box. No old SG That would be most sensible from business side of things. People who already have Conan will buy the game and not loose anything (loose, as in: double the content of current edition), and new people will get full KS experience and possibility to buy old stuff. As for old SG, I assume that they will be absent, since Monolith said very clear that they will be available only during original KS, as a reward for original backers who believed and funded the game. If they appear it would be as a re sculpt (highly unlikely, since a lot of community already have most of them) or as add-on. Personally I hope that there will be less Conans in Conan
  23. First thing first: +1 for more woman. Great job Johan for compiling this list! I do hope that with this part of MB we will get more overall picture of the world after apocalypse. While I'm not that excited about Vikings (they are kind of overused in games recently) I still hope that next instalment in MB series will be about Egypt or Asian gods. And for that there is need for bigger picture of what happened. MB:R is good place to start it all up in my oppinion.
  24. Iesthir

    Overlord and Half Naked Girls

    Remember that English speaking community basically equals every other country that doesn't speak French so it is not worth much That being said, I do feel like French community is more open minded and less restrictive about those topics, at least that's what I got from KS campaigns and comment sections there. Forums aside, personally I think that creators have right to include everything they want in their creation. Be it naked ladies or whatever. They are creating their own product, realising their own vision and investing and risking their own money, and if you don't like it don buy it/support them.
  25. Just Dinosaur? And what about Bat computer? Or Batmobil parking space? Or Batwing landing space? And there is severe lack of Bat-space shuttle...

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