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  1. so I got my book today but it was badly folded...it seems that they sent in a plain envelope. How does report issues?
  2. craig

    Maps as Playmate?

    Wow nice...wonder what shipping cost will be? Love the mythic battles ones too. Think they will add the expansion material?
  3. Thee other day I saw the Conan maps printed on play mats. Seems like a great idea...any one know where i can get these?
  4. I am in!!! Waiting for the email!
  5. So I play a lot of games and one of the things that I always loved was the Pathfinder Society Specials at Gencon. Basically, it was a bunch of tables all playing the same game, but they kept tallies on things that were completed by each table and it would affect the storyline. As the tables completed objects it opened new story arcs, new missions that everyone got a chance to play. All of this was moving towards a common goal, like "storm the castle", "capture and close the portal" or something like that. Seems like Conan would fit this sort of interactive gameplay. Any thoughts on this subject by those that have created scenarios? Any reason why this would not work?
  6. craig


  7. Hey, I was looking to get a supply of gems for the game. There are enough but I always like to have extras. Did anyone find them out in the wild? I have looked but everything seems too big, the ones below are 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch... Example https://www.amazon.com/Acrylic-Photography-Decoration-Royal-Imports/dp/B01MYBMSKL/ref=sr_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1505569275&sr=1-4&keywords=Translucent%2BRoyal%2BBlue%2BAcrylic%2BIce%2BRocks&th=1
  8. Very nice! Thanks! Hey, I was wondering is there any chance the Campaign/Art book might be available in PDF also at some point?
  9. So there was an editor you could download locally....is the one on longer supported?
  10. Well maybe this one would be better..it is bigger https://www.thegamecrafter.com/publish/product/SixFoldBoard
  11. So we can get them printed? Could we use a service like The Game Crafter to get boards created? A single 4 fold board with image mounted is only 10 (or maybe 15 not sure) dollars? Also, would you do work on request? I have been thinking maybe put some of REH scenarios together, Red Nails, Jewels of Gwahlur or maybe Tower of the Elephant. Been looking for maps not finding any so I was going to make them.... https://www.thegamecrafter.com/publish/product/QuadFoldBoard
  12. I hope Monolith sees that there is still a huge demand for the Conan stuff, the game is great and I would be more if I could. Maybe Monolith could use Kickstarter as a pre order/sales tool like many other companies? Monte Cook games is a great example of this, almost everything they do starts with a Kickstarter to gauge initial response, they get the initial order in and then closer to launch open up preorders on the non-Kickstarter exclusives. I would love a chance to pick a few of the non-Kickstarter exclusives that do not seem to hit retail like the Dragon. Plus the money goes to Monolith directly which is where I want it go. :)
  13. Why would they not put in delivery waves like every other Kickstarter? It is not like it is a new concept, they did in the first Conan. Seriously it seems more like a ploy to clear old inventory...you can still get the book in North America if you buy a Kings Pledge? Also, the only place you can get the Dragon was in the "all in" pledge? That one has been a sore point for a while. I would actually buy more stuff, but not a whole kings pledge. Why is so hard to take pre-orders for the book and fulfill them in waves. I love the game and would like to support the company but I feel they are alienating people. I would love to give the company more money, but I am not going to just throw it away.
  14. So reading the campaign...... Except for the new Book of Set, all products from Pledge level 2, 3 and 4 are production spare parts from 1st Conan Kickstarter campaign. That's the reason why they are all in limited quantities. So why is the Book of Set limited? All those pledges are left....
  15. 'Really? You have a limited run of the book????? This is a new project it is not like you are selling old stock., I get home all the books are gone? @#%@#$%@#$%@#$% Why is there not an option to wait longer for the darn book like we wait 8 weeks or 10 weeks. On top of that, It seems with Asmodee in charge of North America we will never get everything released....Really this seems like you guys really screwed this one up....I do not need another King pledge, I just wanted the book.......Sorry just how i feel
  16. So I read on the French forum they put together a community book scenarios....is this it? Or will they be a community book coming? I read they were translating to English at some point.
  17. I opened the Stygian expansion and was looking through the spells, it seems that Stone Rain and Physic Strike have an X in the Energy Cost and Exertion Limit....Does that mean they can cast it as many times as they want in a round? For Stone Rain each time they put a gem on the card they get 2 red dice of damage that can not be defended? For Physic Strike ever gem moves all the gems to the fatigue zone for one hero? I looked through both the Hero and Overlord plus the Stygia Rules and did not find a clarification.
  18. - Red Nails Expnsaion :) - maybe a few rules for Warring clans on the same table with the players? Two over lords and several players? Larger or combined maps? - Kush Expansion - with "Jewels of Gwahlur" tie in...more minis, maps and scenarios - Zamorian "thief city" expansion - with "The Tower of the Elephant " tie in ...more minis, maps and scenarios - Vendhya/Ghulistan Expansion - with "The People of the Black Circle " tie in ...more minis, maps and scenarios -Turan Expansion - with "The Devil in Iron " tie in ...more minis, maps and scenarios - Kickstarter non-Exclusives to Retail - Aka the Dragon - more Hero and Bad guy packs - there is a rich world to choose expand on the two out there - More campaigns - maybe recreate the original stories in hardcover? The last book was great - More map combinations for large scale maps -Scenarios that tie in with the maps from the Conan RPG by Modiphius Here is hoping!!!!
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