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  1. If we see the Judgement on Gotham miniatures - I'll back this. Dredd, Death and Mean Machine Angel at the very least. Fear, Fire, and Mortis would be an awesome bonus.
  2. I, too, am passing, somewhat reluctantly, on this one. $320 for the whole shooting match is too steep for my level of Batman fandom and it doesn't separate itself from the Knight Models game enough for me. The minis are bound to be less crappy than the Knight Models, but I'm already well over $100 into those...
  3. Rather than limit it's use to once per turn I'd suggest adding to the card "Two-handed: Cannot use a shield or another weapon unless this weapon is dropped."
  4. Have you looked at the online board game tool, VASSAL? There is a set of Conan boards and tokens. Nice thing is it does support email play. Not so nice it's in French. With icons and everything it's not a big deal though. I play at the FLGS in Indianapolis as my group is RPG intensive. No idea what the game store situation in Utah is, but an ad stuck to the notice board couldn't hurt. It's how I found my current group a decade ago.
  5. I have a similar relationship to Latin as Stonewolf from a similar point in time. Midwestern US, Indianapolis to be precise. So if anyone comes in to GenCon, give me a heads-up and we can find an empty table....
  6. One potential for the mine entrance is the classic sword and sorcery ritual sacrifice. Zogar, Thoth Amon or some other sorcerer has a captive in the Mine Entrance zone with a marker to represent an altar. If the heroes don't reach the altar and succeed at a Manipulation roll by a specific turn Thaug or one of the other large monsters is summoned. One idea I had for this was to use the KS Tentacles. The number of tentacles could be based on a spell roll and they could appear in random zones. The Leviathan could appear in the Mine Entrance. The victory conditions could change radically if the tentacles are summoned and the heroes now have to kill the Leviathan and all the tentacles in order to win.
  7. My FLGS carries Conan - not sure of the distribution arrangement though - I just bought Nordheim and the Kushite Witch Hunters. They have core boxes and Crossbowmen as well.
  8. I've finished rezoning the first of the maps. It took a couple of tries to develop a process but I'm happy with the final result. What's the community think? I've kept the forested zones small to make ranged combat and movement through them difficult while the road sections are much larger to facilitate faster movement and longer arrow ranges. The entrance to the mine or dungeon will require rules to define how it interacts with the scenario. If there is anyone who is bi-lingual and is willing to share (and interpret the feedback) this with the French speaking community I'd appreciate it. This map should be available from fairly quickly although you may have to message them until they get it added to the store. Kris is still working on fulfilling Kickstarter commitments so has NOT had a chance to work on Zamora yet.
  9. A poll might not be a bad idea. I've taken on rezoning the existing GTW maps. Printing is an interesting issue. I've started talking to Kris about it, but at the moment he's fulfilling a Kickstarter and has some reservations about getting boards printed. He has said he's willing to look at it though. I suspect the problem is how many of which to print and what is the investment to get both the printing done, the printed boards shipped to him or to get them delivered to buyers. There has been some talk of generating them as tiled PDFs suitable for printing on A4 sheets for the time being. Those of us in the US may have some issues but the work load of breaking stuff into two different sets of tiles is pretty large.
  10. Printing them out is the big problem. With a local digital print shop like Kinkos in the US a single print isn't too expensive. Trying to tile them on a home printer sucks. The availability of printed, and maybe even mounted, maps is one of the things I've asked Kris about. I may open this discussion over at BGG too, just to make sure that as many people as possible get the chance to weigh in.
  11. Zoning is part of building the maps - if the community has thoughts or input we can address that. But once it's done, just like the map boards that shipped with the game, it's done. The matter of there being no scenarios, and that making the board useless is another matter entirely. I'm not sure that I agree with the premise but that's only me. The scenario editor means that a map is potentially useful to the community - there are plenty of people who can use it to build scenarios from a variety of other components. However, that's one person's opinion. If no one wants it, or no one wants to build scenarios for it, wants to pay for it (I suspect the actual purchase price of the digital map will be a matter of $5 or less) or the commission it's an easy enough thing to let it go with a "Not such a great idea after all but certainly worth asking about".
  12. I've been working on converting maps created by Kris at Game Tiles Warehouse from PDFs to jpgs usable by the online scenario editor. In the course of that work I've had the opportunity to talk with Kris a little and I asked about an urban map. Kris is willing and able to do one and put it up in the GTW store but I'm going to have to pay him for a commissioned work. The cost is $150 and Kris is willing to let the community pitch in to pay the commission. Is there enough interest in a 28" x 24" map of a market in Zamora's Maul - complete with market stalls, stairs, alleys and rooftops to warrant me looking into this any deeper?
  13. I agree, "Jewels of Gwahlur" is an excellent choice, but I think it would really only require a few miniatures and a scenario. Existing tunnels map would do for the location of the climax. A "Red Nails" expansion would be a great idea. Kull of Valusia, Bran Mak Morn, Gonar, and/or Cormac of Connacht. Zamora or one of the other urban areas as a map would be great. A wide variety of scenarios could be built on those. A set of campaign would be nice too.
  14. OK, now that I have the OK from Gaming Tiles Warehouse to add the Meanders maps to the Scenario editor - who do I need to get a hold of and more importantly how? There's no contact information at the site. I can whois the domain name and work from that direction, but hopefully someone here can speed things up by letting me know.
  15. Judgement on Gotham: Dredd, Fear, Fire, Mortis and Judge Death. I wouldn't cry if Mean Machine Angel got thrown in j
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