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  1. Massive Darkness 1 had a whole bunch of boss monsters (the heroes and regular mooks, not such a great fit with the style)
  2. I would be happy to get the copies I ordered and paid for....
  3. ok - any mods read this? who/how do I get in contact to ask where my issues are? Everyone else in the Uk seems to have theirs delivered ages ago.
  4. Hi All - I ordered two copies but haven't yet received them - I'm in the UK - who do I contact to find out where they are?
  5. I've not yet received my copies of the magazines I ordered - who do I contact to find out where they are?
  6. oh, I'm sure they did - I'm more trying to clearly delineate boundaries around what is possible and what isn't.
  7. Hi Matt, firstly, can I say thank you for being so upfront and open on the situation - I think we all appreciate it. I am sure though, that we're all keen to see more Conan goodness from the Monolith team, and to that end, not being a legal expert myself, I wonder if you could answer the following questions, just to make clear (hopefully in one place only) what the current state of the possible is. To be crystal clear I'm not looking for commitments, just what 'could' or 'cannot' legally be done with the Conan game at the present, for all the various possibilities I can think of. To that end, these are all YES/NO type questions: 1) Can Monolith publish online new fan-made scenarios? 2) Can Monolith publish in printed format (for ex. the same style as The Book Of Set) new fan made scenarios? 3) Can Monolith publish online in-house generated scenarios? 4) Can Monolith publish in printed format in-house generated scenarios? 5) Can Monolith sell existing remaining Conan stock from the kickstarter? 6) Can Monolith produce and sell additional copies of products previously offered in the kickstarter? (eg the base game, king pledge set, expansions or exclusives?) 7) Can Monolith offer and sell components from items previously offered in the kickstarter (eg. mapboards or miniatures)? Apologies for the long windedness of these - hopefully depending on what is possible, might enable the community to come together with workable proposals to support the game as best we all can.
  8. Kinda Necro'ing the thread, but a thought I had worth sharing: If it proves too expensive to re-print the entirety of any of the expansions from the first KS, would it be possible to offer only the cardboard content? (ie map boards and counters, but no mini's?) - This would let people use alternative minis as proxy's, but still be able to play all the scenarios. Obviously I'd much prefer to get the whole content, just throwing this out as a 'plan B' rather than have stuff just be unavailable entirely.
  9. Has anyone painted their Conan mini in the black & white camo?
  10. Like many of the original Conan backers, I went for all the KS exclusives, but not the items flagged as Retail (mainly due to what I could afford at the time), but was then disappointed that many of those items then became unavailable. I hope that much/most of those additional extras beyond the core game (including all the expansions) are made available - I have a base game, so probably don't want another 7 Conan minis per se if the KS includes a new base retail game, but would spend money to complete my set.
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