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  1. Dream has just become reality ! 🙂 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/conan-the-conqueror-adventure-mode-expansion/posts/2764118
  2. Very Great Job @Arthadan ! You follow our dream and you succeed in making it become reality! You were courageous! I think it is a great opportunity for the project!
  3. One conclusion, there is no real danger until the arrival of Rexor & Thorgrim for heroes…It is more of a butcher shop… Besides, the scene is fast: between the sentence "So this is paradise" and the arrival of Thorgrim & Rexor: only 4mn. Before the first Subotai sword hit (6:44) and the arrival of "Thorgrim & Rexor" (8:16): 1mn32s...very very short. Some other feelings: - I'm not certain Conan is enough strong to survive a double simultaneous assault from Rexor & Thorgrim without the fall of a part of the column...and arrival of new guards with spears and maybe Thulsa Doom with spells… He could be killed or capture again! - To my mind, the actual scenario map design is too short for an "infiltration scenario": to consider only the orgy chamber reduce the stress and if no more guards arrive the scenario could become quite boring! If the scenario is not an "infiltration scenario" no more ennemies than in the movies in the orgy chamber, could become a problem for the overlord player who would not have pleasure to play. - I'm asking myself if specific rules should not be created to manage effect of noise and fire effect on the danger that should increase rapidly… a kind of specific rules inspired from "Rise of the Kage" (or in french) or maybe "homebrew" Conan rules for stealth that already exist somewhere on "the Overlord web site"? - Maybe alarm system should be set in the room ? - Shadows & lights can be important? Sound ? Smell ? Drugs effect on ennemies ? Or not ? I have the feeling that to create a funny scenario, we are going to imagine some elements that are not seen in the movie because the heroes infiltration is perfect: they are lucky and skillfull...
  4. Very good job @Vincent255 ! What is your feeling about the guards strength and number already present in the rooms even the ones that are completely naked ? Same things for the others! The difficult thing here is to manage the different guards strength, arrival and reinforcement across time !
  5. Good @Xaltotun ! I have just come back today from my Holliday to the sea! I'm ready to work again on the project ! 😊
  6. @Arthadan, @Vincent255...others: are you always interested by this scenario writting? ✌️
  7. No, I think like you: easier stealth moves are a consequence of the war paints.
  8. I think It is good to play the both scenario straight from one to the other like in the movie. Not certain having a potion is a good thing! In the movie they have none. I think player would be more careful and play a smooth approach if they know they should take care of their hit points. Nevertheless heroes will have additionnal skills consequence of the war paints
  9. Yes for all ! Balance the game is always a challenge! But to not force the heroes to a singular path too!
  10. What about to use the specific torches that were in the Conan Box and let the overlord to place them by respecting specific limitation rules: in fact purpose would be to avoid to place all the torches in front of each passages. The purpose of this proposal is to avoid the same scenario to be played each time.
  11. Rotation and size reduction were done. If no rotation occurs, scale of the drawing must be modified because some room details are absent. Nevertheless, if compare with the BOTM map size seems to be at the right scale ?
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