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  1. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    No, I think like you: easier stealth moves are a consequence of the war paints.
  2. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    I think It is good to play the both scenario straight from one to the other like in the movie. Not certain having a potion is a good thing! In the movie they have none. I think player would be more careful and play a smooth approach if they know they should take care of their hit points. Nevertheless heroes will have additionnal skills consequence of the war paints
  3. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Yes for all ! Balance the game is always a challenge! But to not force the heroes to a singular path too!
  4. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    What about to use the specific torches that were in the Conan Box and let the overlord to place them by respecting specific limitation rules: in fact purpose would be to avoid to place all the torches in front of each passages. The purpose of this proposal is to avoid the same scenario to be played each time.
  5. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    A new proposition:
  6. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

  7. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Rotation and size reduction were done. If no rotation occurs, scale of the drawing must be modified because some room details are absent. Nevertheless, if compare with the BOTM map size seems to be at the right scale ?
  8. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    First proposal to help to design areas. The size of the map is the same as the BOTM map.
  9. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Ok perfect for scenario VI ! I'm going to finish a first simple drawing of the orgy room at right size from Vincent Drawings and put it here for comments! Many update could be realized easily !
  10. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Yes it is right! And I'm totally agree with your arguments. I have already thought to what you wrote before to write my previous post. It was only a proposal to try to add some "salt" to the scenario, no more. If people thing it is more a cause of trouble the "blood thirsty madness" concept could be forgotten. In fact, I thought the scenario could become a very boring scenario for the Overlord player because the heroes are stronger than the vilains until the arrival of Rexor, Thorgrim and maybe additional guards. Or maybe it could be imagined that Thulsa Doom could change in snake and stay in the room to fight against the invasion if the alert is triggered before he leaves it? Balance of this scenario, is for me difficult to do... But maybe we can use other elements to try to balance it! Moreover, I will try to work on a very simple map with only manual drawings to help us to work on the scenario as it was proposed! I thing it is a good idea at first step ! Only question for the battlegound is, are we focusing on the orgy chamber or on the whole corridors and rooms network of the mountain that was crossed by the heroes in the movie ?
  11. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Hi Vincent, Thank you very much for your writings ! To my mind, this scenario would be great if it was a kind of "Hyborian Splinter Cells" and not only a bloodshed in the orgy room. I have the feeling that to only consider the last part of the scenario would reduce the pleasure of this scenario (same thing for me for an other scenario that I hope we will work on an other day: the tower of the serpent). In fact, Conan and his friends are kind of Ninjas in this scenario...But during this battle I think It is difficult for Conan to resist to his wish to kill every one and to destroy everything... Maybe it is something to use to make the scenario better... Conan should do his best to avoid a kind of blood thirsty madness (like a shark when it "detects" first blood) and keep control of himself and thus to not lost too much time with bloodshed. Nevertheless, to kill is sometimes necessary...So find a balance between the main purpose of the mission and his wish of revenge could be great! Maybe with specific Conan self control tests after each deaths to avoid him to become a kind of berserker ? As an example, I don't think an other commando would have lost time to push the giant marmite through the stairs ? This is to discuss... Moreover, I think that it should be very difficult for Conan to leave the cave when he faced Rexor & Thorgrim. I thing the fall of the central pillar brought him back to reason, otherwise he might be dead, blinded by his revenge ? Maybe it was a God action to say him "Conan it is time to go away" ? Note: in a first version of the Conan arrival in the Orgy Room, Milius would like Conan killed the first woman he met...But as this scene showed a worse vision of what was Conan, Milius changed the scene and the woman was only pushed. For me, this was a mistake like the scene in Star Wars, in the Cantina where Lucas made Greedo attacked first Han Solo in the last version of the movie: Solo is a selfish rascal and not a white knight ... Human are complexe and often their darkness overcome their values...and for Conan it is the same thing and besides Conan is a barbarian! I think this scenario should begin with the arrival in the caves, the displacement through shadows across the kitchen and the corridors before to take place in the orgy room at strategic points to act quickly and efficiently. Then to leave through the corridor (through a balcony with a rope (as in the comics)) to go back to horses. Heroes purposes: avoid guards supervision of the place and control the Conan's thirst of revenge, capture the princess as fast as possible. Each turn danger increases and risk of arrival of many well armed-guards and beast mans is important. I have some remarks/questions: Do not understand why Princess Yasmina could die ? For me no one want the princess to be killed. It is not the same thing that in the BOTM scenario. So I will supress this option. For me princess is a kind of item in this scenario that could only trigger an alert ? For me Thulsa Doom is becoming a snake only to go to feed himself somewhere or to go to practice a dark ritual. To my opinion, he didn't detect the attack if not an army would have been arrived faster. But this is to discuss !
  12. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian Campaign

    Moreover I think I will translate the BOTM scenario in french!
  13. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Always ready for great aventures with the Tigers team! And ready to improve my knowledge in map creation and to face new challenges! All scenarios above are fun ! I'm ready for the whole!
  14. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Hi guys ! I have just changed as required. Hope this will satisfy you.
  15. Florentin

    Conan the Barbarian

    Ah Battle in the caves ! Yes ! It is a very interesting project !!!

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