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  1. Conan the Barbarian

    Do what you want that doesn't matter!
  2. Conan the Barbarian

    For the heavy axe: two red dices with one reroll each !
  3. Conan the Barbarian

    Maybe some easy rules could take place in order to fight more in the monoliths field? As an example, until turn 4 it is not possible for the OL to go to the Yasmina's hill because Thulsa doom wants his revenge !?
  4. Conan the Barbarian

    Most important question @Xaltotun: Did you have pleasure to play this scenario ?
  5. Conan the Barbarian

    A new monolith was arrived yesterday at home! But no time to Enjoy it too !
  6. Conan the Barbarian

    I have all the items printed now But now I'm afraid the time is missing me to fastly play the game! I hope to have time enough to cut all the things this week-end!
  7. Conan the Barbarian

    No items have been printed yet ! Hope tomorrow!
  8. Conan the Barbarian

    Maybe some tiles must be modified in the river to give a chance to the OL to succeed in killing the heroes in 4 turns ?
  9. Conan the Barbarian

    You are right ! So maybe the solution would be: from turn 1 to 4 OL have to kill the heroes From turn 4 to ... OL have to captured the princess or kill the heroes And If Thorgrim & Rexor die then kill the princess!
  10. Conan the Barbarian

    To my opinion, Thulsa Doom want to take its revenge after the Caves attack by killing the heroes ! He thought that should had be easy and then he would had got the princess. But that wasn't the case and he realized this when he saw both Thorgrim & Rexor killed....then he decided to kill the princess !
  11. Conan the Barbarian

    Capture the princess and (&) kill the heroes for objective or capture the princess or(+) kill the heroes ? Sorry past boolean algebra lectures are making me confuse ! ☺
  12. Conan the Barbarian

    Hi guys ! I have read the scenario and I found it very good ! It was a real pleasure to read it and the introduction (once again) is very well written and immersive ! However, I need some information because there is something I do not understand very well. Maybe it is a consequence of my lake of conan game practice ? After setup heroes do not move any gems from their reserve to their fatigue zone ? What does it means ? Why such thing ? After each new phases setup ? or only at the first setup ? To my understanding each new game phase gems are going to move from the fatigue zone to the reserve ? If this does not occur at each new heroes phases, the hero would not be able to have action ? Thank you !
  13. Conan the Barbarian

    The documents were not printed this afternoon ! I'm very disappointed...I will have tu use my all printer this weekend...
  14. Conan the Barbarian

    I have printed your beautiful work yesterday evening! I will work on it this evening! At present, the map and all the stuff files are at the printer Shop ! Hope all would be ready for this evening ! I'm dying to test the scenario ! This is a great day !!! Thanks to you guys, an old child dream is going to come to life!
  15. Conan the Barbarian

    The .jpeg version is above ! Posted Sunday at 04:17 PM (edited) Do you want the .bmp ? The last version was downloaded in the download section!