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  1. How do you add these heroes to the core box without stat cards for them?
  2. Never mind. Figured it out. Had to request an invite email.
  3. I see the Pledge Manager is open for late pledges. I don't see a way to add expansions to my original base pledge though. Is that a thing?
  4. Yes. I would definitely love to see them venture into the Beyond universe.
  5. Technically Supes would never have to be OP. After all, different heroes are restricted to specific scenarios, so you're never going to see him vs the regular Gothamites. If they wanted to, they could release a Metropolis or JLA box with a complimentary number of heroes and villains that are appropriate to balance each other out, and a few scenarios that limit what the more powerful JLA members could do... it's not as if there aren't already applicable stories out there. Personally I'd love to see the scenarios centered around the investigation and confrontation of the White Martian invasion from the first episode of the Justice League Animated. They're a great enemy that can still be a challenge to the more powerful heroes. Admittedly, you'd not be able to use most JLA members in Vs. mode, but oh well. *************** Edit: I just thought, there would also be a possibility of doing a campaign of connected scenarios based on the Hush arc. That would make use of a lot of villains and heroes, and could include a Poison Ivy controlled Superman (as well as Krypto). Any characters not in the base set could be included (Talia, Harvey Dent, etc.)
  6. Hey guys, My first Kickstarter. Same handle on BGG. I'm in New Brunswick, Canada. This has been a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to the game in general, but I find it's always interesting to see what the community comes up with. For instance, I plan on building a fourth bat-tablet out of heavy card or mdf once I have the game in hand, and I'd love to see how people best balance the scenarios for the 5th player. I have a few ideas myself (including leaving out the fourth hero and letting the 5th player join the villain as a teammate.) Another project I was thinking of was converting one of the maps into a 3d or 2.5d board. I have a bit of experience with tabletop games and terrain (LotR/Hobbit, Guild Ball, Infinity, etc.) Obviously, I'm also interested to see how you guys paint these models. I mostly use Angel Giraldez's two books for tips and inspiration when painting my GB and Infinity. I'm also painting a friend's Imperial Assault models right now. For those who have experience with Monolith, what are the plastics like? I will work with whatever they deliver, but the soft plastics like in Imperial Assault are not my favorite to deal with. Anyway, glad I decided to jump in on this, and happy to be part of the community.
  7. Great campaing, guys. A little sad about getting Bat-Cow and no Spoiler/Stephanie Brown, but I think the hundred+ other stretch goal figures will console me.
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