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Set 05: From Barbarian to King!

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Hail barbarians,

We’ve heard your lamentations. They came to us over the din of the Maul and had us stroking our beards. You have all been faithful dog brothers and sisters and we wish to heap a small gift upon your already bountiful hoard.


Some of you purchased the Barbarian Pledge during our last KS, and due to the way these current pledges work we thought we should offer an opportunity to at least access the stats of the Heroes and Overlord tiles from the King Pledge. With these, you will be able to use proxy miniatures to play out the various scenarios. With a printer and maybe those spare French tiles (or English depending on your language) as a mount, you will easily be able to create your own home-made tiles. We will start with the King Pledge hero sheets and tiles and work toward getting the stretch goals uploaded shortly after. We may need a little time just to wrap up this campaign first. All sheets and tiles will be uploaded to the-overlord.net.

Link to download the kit

It is most important for us that you are able to play this game, so this should help break down some barriers, especially for those with a Barbarian/retail box. Feel free to share your proxy ideas with each other on the overlord forum. We are really hoping to see the community take flight over there and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Some particularly cool custom tiles and sheets have just recently popped up. Have a look for yourself.

Time is drawing short, and we want to thank you all again for your passion for this project. We have no doubt the community will continue to be strong. I mean, not ‘Conan strong’, but you’ve all clearly been hitting the Wheel of Pain. Keep your thews mighty.

Team Monolith

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