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Hi there!


Just in case some of you don't know this yet, but the Feldherr website is selling foam trays for Conan retail, Barbarian, Stretch Goals, and expansions boxes.


As the last one has been delivered to me today, I thought I would share some pics of these trays, and tell you a little about their advantages and inconveniences.


Let's start with the Barbarian box:



The Stretch Goals box:

DSCN2560.thumb.JPG.6d5461954214439070ef98f9cba5d783.JPG DSCN2559.thumb.JPG.bcacf313b3cb662e59853a9641f5f5c8.JPGDSCN2561.thumb.JPG.9a7dbe7442e3aaebc146cc159d4aac1f.JPG


The pro: With these foams, you can store all of your miniatures, and most of the Conan add-on. (With the exception of the Dragon and Yogah of Yag, due to their large sizes.)

The contra: As the foam trays use more space than the regular storage, you won't be able to close your boxes as you did before. On the picture below, I have removed the maps boards from the boxes and the foam still exceed the space in the boxes, especially for the Stretch Goals box.



This aesthetic downside won't happen with the expansions, though, except for Kithaï, due to the second map of the Tower, but it will be very, very faint:



For the three expansion, you get exactly the same foam tray.



The pro: same as for the King Pledge boxes, your miniatures are well protected, and you have empty space to store extra miniatures from the add-on or from elswhere (in my case, I store barricades miniatures and plan to store civilian miniatures there. A great thing is that you can store Yogah of Yag in Stygia or in Kithaï. I fear that you cannot store the dragon, but as I don't own it, it is difficult for me to be sure.

The contra: For me, there are none. I even managed to keep one of the original cardboard boxes of the miniatures from one of the expansion, in order to store there the six maps from the King Pledge.



It costed me around 95 €, without the shipping fee from Germany to Switzerland, to purchase all the foam trays I needed. It's quite expensive.

But if you plan, as I do, to paint all your miniatures, I'm pretty sure you want them to be secured from friction which could damage your painting. And as one single painted mini is often hours of work, I think it's worth the price.

If you play with unpainted miniatures, I guess the plastic trays used by Monolith are good enough.


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