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Conan Core Game Cover Box Art


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I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I thought about it, but the cover art for the core box depicts Conan fighting off a necromancer and a horde of skeletons (which is amazing by the way), yet you don't get to do any of that in the core game. Does anyone with the King's pledge and the campaign book 'The Legend of the Devil in Iron' know how many scenarios are available where you actually get to fight necromancers and skeletons? I didn't see any in the more recent 'Book of Set' with most of the scenarios available on Monolith's web page. Again, just a silly thought I needed scratched.




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Hi there.


If I'm not mistaken:

There's 1 King Pledge scenario with skeletons and necromancer.

In the Campaign book, there's 3 scenarii where you fight skellies (and 3 more where you fight mummies).

In the Book of Set, there's 3 more scenarii with skeletons (and mummies) as opponents.

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