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  1. One trick I've had some success with on the eyes is to take a dark flesh shade and try to do a horizontal stroke under to make them more of a slit opening. I've been painting them like this, then coming back and carefully edging it to a more narrow opening with dark flesh. Then occasionally it goes too far and much cursing is required as you start over.
  2. I never posted my version of this one.
  3. Conan as played by Mel Gibson. (He wishes he was that buff)
  4. I have Core / King and most of the exclusives/stretch goals painted. I'm half way through Nordheim and have some of Stygia started. Just in time for the new ones to drop. I'm a bit distracted by Hellboy right now, trying to get that core box finished.
  5. In the overfull box of ideas that are probably not feasible for some reason: A full MBP conversion kit for Conan. Dashboards/cards for most of the core box and Yogah and the new adventure mode expansion. Must include the god Crom. It'd have to wait till after the new core comes out in a few years. Then all the core Conan figs would be useable in MBP. This would become the "versus" mode without a bunch of new figures or rules to test.
  6. A couple ruffians of ill intent made the mistake of cornering a Zingaria lady late one night in Zingg. Not heeding the stories of their deadly ways, they boxed her in with daggers drawn. A glance and a double crack left each grasping their throats. Her shawl now hung from her hand and she stood flesh exposed to the cold night air. Their futile attempts to stanch the flow of blood had no effect and they fell lifeless into the dirt before her. A second glance, a sub-vocalized a "tut" was followed by cleaning the razors now exposed in the shawl's edge. Carefully folding them back into their protective leather pockets was followed with a whirl. She was covered again in the modest fashion and soon disappeared into the dusty night. Woe be to the traveller who forgets his place in Zingg, for a dagger does one no good without a throat.
  7. My wife settled it. It's a +5 tactical blanket. Very deadly.
  8. I was confused by this as well. Maybe she's trying to distract?
  9. Just got my copy. Wow. What a treat. I like this publishing model.
  10. It took a long time at preview for me. The problem is likely their end, they have some script rendering the whole order into a pdf for review, then downloading to your browser. Very intensive. Long enough wait you can get network/server timeouts in the communication. It worked for me, but I had to sit and wait about 4 minutes.
  11. Thanks. I suspected these things, but it's good to know. I've had to weight a base in another game where the mini came way out over it in the front making it unstable. AB epoxy and a tiny fishing weight did the trick. It's my understanding that super glue is incredibly strong in one direction and very weak side to side. If you have something super glued it can be near impossible to pull apart (the bond being stronger than the material) but if it takes a hit to the side it can just let go with little force. If the surface is crinkled or too rough then the bond direction is scrambled and it does not adhere well.
  12. Question on rebasing: How do you make sure it's solid on the base for play? I understand if they're for show one can keep them in a case and handle delicately, but for table top use they have to be sturdy enough for regular handling. I've seen several rebased that look positively fragile with a tiny point of contact and just a spot of glue. Atali struck me as somewhat solid across her base, so I wasn't worried.
  13. It was my first attempt at rebasing. I have no idea what I'll do with the rest. That one however, really needed something to give it bit more umph. She is up on a tree stump, calling to Conan.
  14. By Crom you've done it!
  15. Not that I can tell. I've still got unpainted ones going back to 1978. Just when I start gaining ground, a whole new incredible looking line comes out. Edit: I just remembered when I moved I gave away around a thousand painted ones to kids in the local gaming shop. I kept the unpainted ones.
  16. Gangfight is a generic miniature skirmish game. Use any miniatures and dice it out. https://www.gangfightgames.com/ Originally it was just weird west fights, but the designers decided to make it a generic system and they ran a Kickstarter. Want Conan to fight Space Marines, go for it! A Greek god up against an army of crows and wolves, sure why not.
  17. Working on getting a game of Gangfight going for the holidays. Scooby-doo vs. the Bad Shrooms.
  18. I got some drafts of it done, and kinda lost steam on the project. But since there's interest I can finish it out this holiday and get it balanced out. It's really hard, the Black Ones are tough and consume a lot gems to take out. So if Conan running about waking up allies, balancing the rate of regeneration from Black Ones is tricky. I have a spreadsheet that summarizes the paths and I can play with the numbers and trying to find a 50/50 balance of the Nash equilibrium is very tricky. I got someone here to play through it and they found the optimal path on first play. So it fell short of my goal of having a bit more subtlety about the best path.
  19. My personal preference is adventure mode. If I'm to convince my wife to play it must be co-op. Since I have a lack of players due to covid, I'm voting co-op.
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