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  1. garbetsp

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Taurus of Nemedia is ambushed! Feel free to use.
  2. garbetsp

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    So, yes. You can
  3. garbetsp

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    "Rainbow Sparkles, what is best in life?" "To hug your friends, see them dance before you, and hear the laughter of their children."
  4. garbetsp

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    Fred Henry weighed in on BGG.
  5. garbetsp

    Quest of Conan Part One

    My wife want rules where Conan can fight sharks now. She's quite insistent that he could take one on.
  6. garbetsp

    Online scenario editor

    Just what exactly is a Nor Ouk? Google gives me nothing.
  7. garbetsp

    Extra gems for the game?

    Found the place I ordered from before. https://tableclothsfactory.com/products/mini-arcylic-ice-rock-crystals-ocean-blue-400pcs
  8. garbetsp

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    You are free to use any photos I've posted on this forum. I claim a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) creative commons license. That's fancy speak for just give attribution and I'm good.
  9. garbetsp

    Pandemonium! (Show your demons)

    Took some direction from @rhogg27184's efforts, especially the claws.
  10. garbetsp

    Conan in Mythic Battles

    And the god Cröm!
  11. garbetsp

    Overlord Compendiums are Coming Back!

    Any word on an English T2 ?
  12. I am unaware of one and google reveals nothing. You could easily put together one and publically allow folks to edit their wins into it. I'd keep a regular backup, because there is always someone who will destroy all the work.
  13. Some fan recorded statistics show the overlord wins 80% of the time in this scenario. (https://goo.gl/WrIvbY) However, there's only 5 recorded plays so the spread on a binomial outcome like leads to the true rate of OL winning is between 30% and 99% with 95% confidence. Maybe it's a misprint in both languages.
  14. I created a Conan Fiasco playset (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kYt3UuDyTjOfgYaVXMayA-xoEl3yEaJk ) It needs artwork if anyone out there feels so compelled. Thoughts?
  15. garbetsp

    Modiphius Conan Crossover

    Is it going to be possible to get this at Retail? I never got in on the initial Kickstarter. My shelves are getting crushed by the Conan sized offerings these days.
  16. garbetsp

    Show your Zaporavo!

    I think he's fine. Don't be too critical of yourself. The face is very emotive and that is something that is very hard to do. He looks like a sad Don Quixote.
  17. garbetsp

    Show your Zaporavo!

    @rhogg27184 I like your work, but the last few photos have been a little dark on the mini and the white balance is off so they don't shine like I think they should. I think the auto sensor is overwhelmed by the white background and missing on the auto-balance. Here's the same photo corrected and cropped a bit, I think the color shows through a bit better.
  18. garbetsp

    Show your Captain

    You know the drill. Now hop to it soldier!
  19. garbetsp

    Show Your Thak

    Here's my first pass. I'm going to go back and give him some finger/toe nail detail and decorate the base. However, the weird lighting on this shot with a cheap phone kinda works. Thak is about to punch something in the dark.
  20. garbetsp

    Community Generated Campaign

    Games Workshop basically used White Dwarf for years to promote their products. It's general format was along those lines. A monthly is hard to crank out, maybe a quarterly is more in the realm of possibility. It should cover the full line of Monolith games. I would totally subscribe and submit miniature pictures. I think the licensing for Batman and Conan might be a little thorny.
  21. garbetsp

    Community Generated Campaign

    I think the lesson on printing and shipping is that if one wants to run an "at cost" offering there is a need to charge a "handling" fee of about 10% of overall cost to cover problems, and time involved. I.e., "at cost" is not just printing and initial shipping, there are more costs to being successful. Heck at this point, I'd be okay with a little more on the next one to cover those who previously didn't get their copy.
  22. garbetsp

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    Look at their other offerings. I have serious doubts about their ability to deliver something of the scope of Monolith's offering. However, Conan vs. My Little Ponies has some potential. Also, I don't think the licensing is necessarily exclusive.
  23. I've gotted Thogged down painting pirates, so I took a break and did this instead. Pallantides is in a pickle.
  24. So to pick up the few items I didn't get I have eBay searches saved in my profile. Then today, this pops up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mythic-Battles-Pantheon-Erishkigal-Model-Expansion-BRAND-NEW/202410765830?hash=item2f209f2e06:g:WCAAAOSw5V1bV7KV. Just what the heck is that? Is it bootleg Mythic Battles? Fan-made expansion?

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