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I've still not seen hide nor hair of a Black Ones Scenario. I had some ideas of how to maybe put one together and thought I'd share and maybe get a discussion going.


Use the Ruined Fort map. It's not exactly what was described in the story, but the closest. 


The Overlord would place 4 hidden tokens, 3 pirates and one Sancha (Thalis figure). These are the bound captives. They cannot be attacked until freed. It takes Conan one simple manipulation to free a pirate or Sancha. The Black Ones are not alerted initially, and will only have a few on the map, maybe two?


Once 4 are freed, Conan, Sancha and the pirates can flee the map. The Black Ones can use a crow to raise Thog from the pool when all 4 are freed. Crows are used to reinforce The Black Ones on the Map.


The overlord wins if Conan, Sancha or all but one pirate dies. 

The heroes win if Conan, Sancha and 1 pirate escape the map.


That's the general idea. It's had zero play testing or balancing. The balancing can be done via the number of initial Black Ones or the number of pirates bound on the map.

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