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Compendium II Translation to EN [Unofficial]

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Given that I had some time today and have heard about the Compendium II for so long, I did an attempt at some translation from French. I got the campaign translated. Here is the campaign outline. Live links are to the scenarios. I will edit and add others later. In this thread please post any corrections or feel free to translate and include your own link. I don't know when I'll get more time.


Under each scenario is the path to follow for the side that wins. (fin) means move to the finale scenario.


Dream of the Black Stone
  Heroes    -> Wait Until We Speak!
                             Heroes    -> Thog and Thak (fin)
                             Overlord -> The Nightmare Awakes (fin)
  Overlord -> Night Expedition
                           Heroes     -> Inevitable Destiny (fin)
                           Overlord  -> Bloody Froth
                                                     Heros      -> The Great Sacrifice (fin)
                                                     Overlord -> Between Two Worlds (fin)


If the heroes win the final of the campaign tree, congratulations!


If the overlord wins the final of the tree, nothing seems to prevent this horrible creature from joining our world.


Once done play the finale 'The Black Baton' to complete the story.

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added another link.
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I found it's quite easy to translate these. Google gets one 95% of the way there. The skills get mistranslated, but you can compare the game aids to figure it out. I can do a scenario now in about 30 minutes. So if there's some other French favorites, I'm game for more translations.

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Merci' beaucoup! 

I appreciate you translating this and I look forward to you translating more scenarios from the Francais into the Englais.



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