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  1. This looks so much fun! I wish I had that map - I would be trying it this weekend if I did. Bonus points for the princess model representing the man in need of rescue while Belit steps up to take care of business!
  2. Any update on this? I am looking forward to it!
  3. Oops. I just learned you can get these (and much more) off of these very site by going to the link below. I guess if you only want just what you need for this one adventure the above links will do it though.
  4. Oh, and here's the tile for Zira if you don't have it:
  5. His card is with the kickstarter extended pledge. Here's a copy:
  6. I was able to order - thanks for doing this, it is really cool!
  7. I got the email and logged in but it took me to the French Compendium, not the English one. Is there a way to change it later or does this mean I am on the wrong list?
  8. Oh one more question! Does Intangible allow Thog to ignore elevation? This didn't come up in my game as he never needed to move between the wall and the courtyard, but I can see where it would be a question whether he needs to move through the rock slide spaces or can just ignore them.
  9. Didn't see a strategy topic for this so I created one. Just played this and when Conan was out of gems to defend and about to be devoured by Thog, Shevatas threw the Explosive Orb into the area. This unfortunately did not damage Thog (who dodged) but it did kill Conan which prevented Thog from dealing the killing blow and gaining an easy 4 energy. In fact, once Shevatas found the crossbow he was a very effective sniper, staying out of Thog's range and dealing damage a little at a time. Unfortunately Conan and Valeria could not escape and Thog was able to get the energy he needed for the Overlord to win. Some things to remember: 1) Make sure you use the Thog tokens with Intangible. The walking through walls bit is what makes the difference. 2) Remember Valeria's counterattack ability. It won't hurt Thog but will occasionally hurt other enemies. 3) Remember the exertion limit of 2 while in Thog's area. That makes a huge difference and is why ranged attacks are more effective against him.
  10. Quick question: Just played Crawling Shadow and when Valeria killed the evil queen we played it that the Stygian Scepter was dropped in that area and Valeria spent 1 Gem to pick it up with a Simple Manipulation, allowing her to take advantage of her Ambidextrous ability for the rest of the game. The heroes still lost although it was very close (Thog at 2 life). I'm not sure if we played it correctly allowing them to pick up the scepter but it certainly didn't seem to imbalance the scenario and in fact I think was one of the factors that helped make it a close fight. I am curious to know the official ruling on this though. Thanks!
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