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What the Hell, Show Your Hades!

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I wanted him to look kinda dirty and ragged, like his game art suggests, but maybe I went a little too far down that road... but whatever. One of the freedoms that comes with painting a TON of minis is that it gets easier to just accept a paint job that you aren’t thrilled with and move on to the next - at least that’s how it is for me. 🙂

He looks good enough on the game table at any rate, so I’m moving on to something else! Maybe Medusa...




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Impressive shield. Looks great!


I guess I would have picked a different colour for his skin, though, in order to give him an unhealthy look, with a Rakarth Flesh, maybe. But the contrast would have been not so great with the beard. De gustibus... as the saying goes.


Anyways, nicely done, as always.

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That’s a very good point @Not Quite Dead, he would look better with a different skin tone. Again, as I always do, I was trying to follow the game art and in this case Hades actually seemed to have a fairly normal skin tone. I do have quite a few regrets and disappointments with how he turned out. I’d do him a bit different if I was to paint him again. Not so much with the color choices, but my overall technique. He hit my table after a fairly long break from painting. He was also probably the largest mini I’ve ever painted and so I learned that techniques which work fine on a typical mini needs to be altered with the larger scale. It’s one of the reasons I picked him as the first, big, God ‘mini’ I tackled. His game art shows him as dirty and rough. I’ve always found monsters, zombies, and bloody/dirty warriors to be so much easier to paint because they are much more forgiving. However, with so many large and ‘clean’ looking minis in Mythic Battles, I definitely need to step up my game and master some new skills. I’m currently painting the Amazons, and although they are standard scale, they have been a good subject for me as I practice developing a lighter touch and some new methods. Pics of them soon!


And c’mon out there! Let’s see some of your MB minis! I still have hope that we can make this English version of The Overlord a more energetic and bustling community. I’m not planning to go back on Facebook anytime soon, my life and mental health has been WAY better these past 4 years without it, so this forum and BGG have been a great place to connect with likeminded peeps without all the extraneous clutter, poisonous attitude, and aggravation of most social media platforms. Let’s keep it alive and help it thrive by participating!! (mic drop)...

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