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Part of the Host and Thog

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The two stories in The Overlord Magazine vol 2, Part of the Host and Thog are fantastic.


Super creepy, Lovecraft meets Howard, Twilight Zone, mind bending craziness. Well done @Not Quite Dead and @Pallantides


"He languished in the dark, viscous abyss below Xuthal."


"All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of Life..."


Very vibrant story telling. Especially considering how both stories end.  You guys took me to a cold, dark, lonely place.


Thanks for sharing.


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Many thanks to you, @drmauric! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I wish to point out that I did not write it in English (as I'm not fluent enough in that language). It's Bart Hulley who took up the translation from the French text. Many thanks to him for his diligent work!

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Thanx for your kind words.


As NQD, I've written this text in french and the english version is not mine. This text is not really a story, but just a long description of a 😱 meeting with Thog, to fit with the amazing artwork of George Cl4renko. It's not an original novel as NQD, but a sort of short tribute to REH and Lovecraft.

Edited by Pallantides
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