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Claustrophobia 1643 Hero cards for Conan

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My Daughter is one of my primary Conan players and main playtester when I write scenarios. I recently snagged a copy of Claustrophobia-1643 and she liked the minis and the art for the Guardian and the Swordswoman. So I asked @Ken to make up some Hero cards for her.

This is great because we've been useing other fan made proxies for female characters. (There's some awesome ones posted in a thread called "Feminising Conan" here and on BGG) But our substitute minis never matched the hero card. For example we had a great hero card with classic Larry Elmore art, but a pretty plain Reaper mini that was close but not really that close. With the Claustrophobia characters, we finally got a match, minis and Hero card.

My Daughter also noted that their outfits are "less sketchy" than some of the female outfits in Conan. The awesome thing is, now she has some minis and matching Hero cards that she's excited about using and they won't stick out like a sore thumb on the table.

The Guardian has Conan's stats and the Swordswoman has Belit's stats. Nice and simple. Easy to swap out, no playtesting required.

You can download them here:


Charater Sheets.pdf

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