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Conan Website Under Construction


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So, I’ve been visiting this website for over half a year now and the Conan section has been “under construction” for all that time. I’m not sure if that’s code for something else related to the property license or if the construction will ever end. My question is this: In 2020 with the release of the new Conan Kickstarter can we expect to see the Conan side of the Overlord website firing on all cylinders? Or is it forever caught in limbo?


Thanks to Matt John, I’ve found the Facebook page to be more active than the company website, and yet I’d imagine the company would want to drive people here. I can tell you that leaving the site “under construction” indefinitely doesn’t help to attract new users, nor does it instill confidence in existing ones.


Any official word on the future of the Conan side of this website would be appreciated.

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I don't have facebook either, @garbetsp. Luckily, some people are kind enough to take information there and post them on the French-speaking forum, on this topic.


When I have both time and motivation to do it, I post the more interesting of them on this topic.


I guess that Monolith use Facebook instead of this board, or their website which is sadly not up to date, because they now that it will reach more people. I always regretted that this very board (the English-speaking one) isn't more lively. Maybe it'll change with the incoming new players. We'll see!

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