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Savage Avengers- opinions?


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I've been reading Marvel's Savage Avengers.  It's kind of become "Conan the Barbarian runs amok in the Marvel Universe."  This has engendered some mixed feelings in me.


When I started seeing the fantasy Conan stuff being made by Marvel I was unimpressed.  It wasn't bad or anything.  It just didn't feel new or creative.  It felt pretty same old to me.  Then Savage Avengers came out.  They move Conan into the modern Marvel universe.  He starts out in the Savage Land and eventually (as of this writing) winds up in Latveria.  He hangs out with various Marvel characters, often to hilarious effect, and there is lots of fun carnage.


On the one hand I do enjoy seeing Conan in a new environment.  He is not played as a moron (thank heavens), and seeing him rub shoulders with people like Wolverine and Dr Doom.  In particular I want to praise the dinner scene with Dr Doom. There are also some genuinely funny moments.   However, I will also admit that the whole concept is rather ridiculous, and the whole thing has a cartoonish vibe to it.


So I do enjoy it, but unlike the Dark Horse run, there's no chance of me taking it seriously.  I was wondering how everyone else felt.

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I'm also reading and I like the "fish out of water" aspect, but agree that it can feel cartoonish.  I think it works best when it's on a smaller scale like the issue with just Conan and The Punisher trekking out of the Savage Land.  I also liked the annual issue in South America.   Have you checked out the other Marvel Conan mash-up, Serpent War? I'm on issue #2 of the mini series, but so far I like the Howard team up of Conan and Agnes.

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I've been enjoying it. It's good entertainment. I love pure Conan and have volumes of it. But Savage Avengers is just plain fun. 


I wrote a couple Monolith Conan scenarios inspired by Savage Avengers. I match each Avenger to a Conan Hero and use Heroclix for the figures. For example, Niord is a nice fill in for Wolverine. High defense for the healing factor and Ambidextrous for the claws. So the scenarios play ad a regular Conan game or as a Savage Avengers reskin.

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