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Mini maps you say?


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Hmmmm.  So in the most recent post they have offered to let the fans choose between another monster mini and some more mini maps.  Given the monster and the number of minis I already have, I definitely like the mini maps a lot more.  


These would be my picks for mini maps ideas.  


1.  Throne.   An elevated, giant throne.  This immediately brings two scenarios to mind.  First, is you are the king and have to survive an attack by usurpers.  Second, you are the usurper!  You must dethrone the king.  


2.  An altar or shrine.  Like the throne, elevated separate space.  Having to rescue a victim from an impending sacrifice is a classic fantasy scenario.  We need this!  Oh, and for the other scenario, players must use it to seal away an evil monster they cannot kill conventionally.


3.  Secret passage.  This one is different from the previous two.  No scenarios occur to me, but have an alternate route built into the game board offers lots of tactical possibilities.  Many ways to skin this particular cat, but I would suggest a corridor like room, and then have two counters you can place on the game board to indicate entrance/exit.  Designs could include castle wall, cavern or ghostly magical walkway



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It would be good to bring another dimension to an existing map. There are mini maps for basement, cellars etc, so how about a ruined tower top for the abandoned fortress. There are stair icons in the base game so the tower could sit on any of the three turrets. That means an existing map could have three levels. 


I also thought about a passage or tunnel. But how about one linking two of the other mini maps. That would create a larger playing area to be used alongside the main map. 

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