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  1. I have Conan with all expansions. I’ll gladly playtest anything you guys have.
  2. I’m waiting to go back to Dubai and take some photos of the stuff I got at my room.
  3. - The League of Shadows. Includes Talia and ninjas, plus new maps that suit the theme. - Crime families and gangsters. Includes the Ventriloquist and Scarface. - Bruce Wayne’s training expansion. - More Villain Packs with mini campaigns. - Batman Beyond expansion. - Batman: The Animated Series expansion. - Batman ‘66 expansion. - Animals expansion. Includes Ace, Isis, Titus, and Goliath.
  4. So we’re all on the same boat, then. No wonder many companies rely exclusively on KS as a business model.
  5. This is probably the best April Fool’s joke DC have ever made:
  6. I can vouch for Batman: GCC because I played Conan and love it. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed. You learn what has true potential and which projects reek of inevitable disappointment after a period of constant backing. Pacific Rim, for instance, had enough red flags to warn you that you should steer away from it. Whilst other projects, even before they go live, you find people are anticipating and they back them in droves. Zombicide: Invader comes to mind, of course, but even new ones like Arena: The Contest. In the case of the latter, it’s obvious that the project owner was able to garner hobbyists’ interest way before the KS began. He managed to earn their respect and interest and showed initiative. Now I’m not saying it’s a sure hit, but at the very least he did much more than the bare minimum to earn that initial trust. So just learn to do a decent amount of research about the project and the designer’s background before jumping in to back it. (Then just relax and enjoy what’s coming! 😜)
  7. That is very true. I cut back the last few months. I simply ran out of room to keep them. And these miniature KS campaigns when you go all in come in big boxes - sometimes up to 3 or 4 packed big boxes! And as you said, they barely receive any play time. A campaign like Batman I consider a life-time opportunity, so I wouldn’t miss it. But I used to back every miniatures game that looked somewhat interesting no matter how generic it was. Those I tend to stay away from now - such as Escape from Dulce.
  8. I hope I’m not too late. I don’t celebrate it, so I wasn’t aware of the date. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate the occasion.
  9. Will the Compendium ever be printed again? Or am I all out of luck?
  10. Where’s Torgo and what did you do to him? Kidding aside, I think it’s safe to say we all share the same sentiment. I think the dynamic we all had helped lift spirits and create excitement throughout the campaign. The irony is that the campaign itself is rather dull compared to other Kickstarter campaigns including Monolith’s own previous games. Never thought I’d feel this way about a comments section that can be easily described as - to say the least - a jumbled mess! I never found myself feel excitement, laugh, cheer, chant, scream and jump - all at the same time - on any online comments section before with a bunch of people I know zero to nothing about. This truly has been an experience and I hope we get to repeat it soon.
  11. Can we get Batman Inc. members, please? How about Nightrunner? He’s French. :D
  12. Seeing as they’re seemingly granting my wishes and teased Bud and Lou already, I don’t see the sense of having a poll after all.
  13. My BGG name is also the same, SolidRoar. I’ll start a new thread with a poll for Harley’s alt. miniature.
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