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  1. This is crystal clear now. Thanks! 🙂
  2. Thanks for the quick answer Dan! At the same time I just edited my post with another question regarding Zaporavo: I guess he cannot be targeted by the Overlord, and he suffers from hindering and Blocking when moving? Can I still move him and win the scenario if all heroes are dead? 🙂 I have not tested the scenario yet - I have the 5 picts warriors to paint first, but I will definitely give you some feedback after I have played it 🙂 [edit] sorry this is still a bit unclear to me : "to an area adjacent to the hut, outside of it." - Do the players choose the area?
  3. Hi! I am not sure how Zogar Sag should use the Teleportation spell when executing this sequence: With Teleportation, you can move 1 area for each gem, but the Overlord has no gem. Should Zogar Sag move 1 area when doing bullet #1? Using standard target hero rules (ie. teleport across a wall if needed), or to the hut exit area? Same question for bullet #4, there is no area limit? Zogar just moves to the nearest hut apart from the hut he starts its turn in? Regarding Zaporavo, I guess he cannot be targeted by the Overlord, and he suffers from hindering and Blocking when moving? Can I still move him and win the scenario if all heroes are dead? 🙂
  4. It took me some time to paint, but I'm happy with the result 🙂
  5. "The SPINACH DEMON!" - my wife when she saw the miniature 😅
  6. Thanks for your kind messages! I really had a hard time finding a color scheme I was happy with, as the illustration didn't really help 😉
  7. Nothing fancy, but a pleasant mini to paint 🙂
  8. First batch of mummies.
  9. I'm just discovering all the gems hidden on this board, thanks to the KS. This is just fantastic work. It's well written (both lore and rules), with a professional layout, and some gameplay twists that look really promising (can't wait to test summoners!). I would have definitely paid for this - so a big thank you for your passion and the time you invested writing and testing it. Plus, it's an extra motivation to paint the miniatures used in the campaign 😉
  10. Just tried the scenario, and it was really fun. It nicely captures the feel of the original scenario. Nice job! 🙂 I'd suggest a small tweak regarding the "Activations" special rule. During my game, reinforced picts were useless as they were too far to reach a hero; they kept stacking on reinforcement zones and wasted their activation. I'd restrict this rule to ennemies in a hut and pict warriors (something like: "This rule applies only to units starting their activation in a hut, and to pict warriors."). [Edit] If you succeeded the scenario and want to make it harder, here are some suggestions : I cannot find her! Do not put a treasure token in each hut. Instead, shuffle 3 treasures tokens with a 1 on the back and 1 treasure token with a 2 on the back. Make a stack with these 4 tokens. Add 4 treasure tokens with a 1 on the back on top of the stack. The first time a hero enters a hut, draw the token on top of the stack. If it's a 2, place Yselda's model in the hut. Otherwise, place the token in the hut to mark it visited. (you will have to visit at least 5 huts to find the princess) Picts are coming! If the objectives are not completed after the end of the 8th turn, the scenario is lost.
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