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TO Mag 6 - Call for volunteers


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The preparation of the next TO Mag is starting and then we are looking for "good wills" who may want to contribute.

What would you like to find in the next "compendium" ? 


TO Mag being a fanzine, if you want to participate, you are welcome to propose content or help to review or translate the next mag.

Any usual content such as scenarios (Monolith boardgames or RPG), tutorials (mini painting or game pimp), short stories, article (pool fro MBP draft, strategy guide,...) are welcome. And also unusual ones if you have any ideas (your grandmother's favorite recipe, revisited with barbarian sauce, for example).

Feel free for any proposal, nothing is done so everything is possible !


Last mags were mostly done by French community, but we will be very happy to open it to our English-speaking friends 🙂


Don't hesitate to let comments below.


The Overlord team

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Hi Sokoben, I'm always willing to contribute with some Conan content. Maybe a scenario with tiles from MB:R. Or some kind of interview about the amazing game system of Conan and why I will never get enough of it, as the possibilities are endless.


I have also some nice pics of scenarios setup with painted miniatures. Mostly for scenarios I made as part of the Nemedian Chroniclers for Tales of the North / South. And can maybe hint to Tales of the East.

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Sentma has something planned for the Batman section, but I've come up with a plan B just in case: an intro to DC Crises before the Flash movie.

If plan A works out or if the TO Mag is done later, I will post it here on the-overlord.


Anyone wants to proofread my french to english translation ?

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