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Show your Bêlit!

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Faces are always a tough part of the job. Even with a perfectly sculpted mini, the slightest move at the worse moment can ruin a lot of hard work.


I remember that I spent quite numerous tries on Hadrathus and 'classic' Belit heads with no luck, and I finally gave up. Well, one can't win every single battle, not even Conan. Furthermore, what's important is to win the war, and this is something you're very close to, I guess, seing how much new miniatures you've posted since the last time I've checked.

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One trick I've had some success with on the eyes is to take a dark flesh shade and try to do a horizontal stroke under to make them more of a slit opening. I've been painting them like this, then coming back and carefully edging it to a more narrow opening with dark flesh. Then occasionally it goes too far and much cursing is required as you start over.

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