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Show your Bêlit!

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It was less painful (read: I had more fun) painting Savage Bêlit than the "regular" one. The face of the miniature was better shaped, with proper nose and mouth. Made the eyes at the first attempt. That was unexpected.




My wife was grumbling the whole time I was painting. It didn't happen with N'Gora. Go figure... :orthoseveres:

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On 28/2/2018 at 10:03 AM, Not Quite Dead said:

Your savage Bêlit has kinda sad eyes. It gives an interesting  look to the whole miniature. I like it.


I also like the very fair complexion of their skin, with high contrast with their "clothes". Which color did you use for the skin?



Sorry I missed this. I think it was Iraqui Sand (Vallejo 124) with Light Flesh (Vl-006) and Ivory (Vl-005) to do the lights; but I'm not hundred percent sure, sorry.


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7 hours ago, Not Quite Dead said:

It was a daring move to splash her with blood. I wished to do that with Savage Bêlit, but didn't dare. I really like the result, it encourages me to have a try!


What type of brush did you use, @Epaka?

I used an old toothbrush, dipped it lightly into a tub of Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God, and carefully flicked the bristles at her. I’ve done it with a few other minis as well, makes a great looking splatter effect. 

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Thanks for the tip, @Epaka!


I didn't get as large splatters as you. I guess it will take some practice, but I think the result has improved my Bêlit a bit.


IMG_0239(bis).thumb.JPG.4c292b3acdef5eb0f27c57cdedc80ec2.JPG                                                         IMG_0262.thumb.JPG.bb0b869dd93ceb43d02aa056f87025f4.JPG

Before                                                                                                                                                        After (added some more shade and blood splatter)

As I was afraid to get blood in her face (mostly in her eyes) I used a small tape to cover her face. The downside is that now, her head is too clean in contrast to her body...

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Here's my "vanilla" Bêlit. Camera focus is a bit off from her face, and despite two attempts to straighten the spear it still looks like a banana.


I painted the other Bêlits as well, will post photos of them later. I painted them all at the same time because I wanted a consistent tone for the ivory skin Howard describes in Queen of the Black Coast.


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