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An alternative to the Dragon

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Hello my friends.

If, like me, you think that the Dragon that was offered in the KS of the game was horrible ( I recently saw painted photos of it from a preview of the Book of Set, and I shrugged), you probably are out searching for a good alternative. Well, I found one, and I'd like to share it with you. It's the Behemoth figure from Safari LTD. It's cheap, pre-painted, and most of all, IT LOOKS LIKE A DRAGON. 

Here are 2 images of this magnificent beast.



And here are some photos together with Conan, for size comparison.




Don't you think it's a much better choice?


Of course you'll need the tile for the big fella. I've created it using the original as a guide. You'll find them attached to this message.











Dragon back.jpg


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According to the dragon description in Red Nails, it should have a barrel-like body, four short legs, a long neck and an alligator mouth (but bigger). I've been looking for a proxy and haven't found a good one either.

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Another proxy:




I think he looks the part, save for his short neck. He's from Antediluvian Miniatures, and they have many more.



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