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Extra gems for the game?

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Hey, I was looking to get a supply of gems for the game. There are enough but I always like to have extras. Did anyone find them out in the wild? I have looked but everything seems too big, the ones below are 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch...




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There are people on ebay who seem to turn Conan boxes into spare parts and sell them for a living.


You might find what you want by those guys. For instance:



(Just take care of not being ripped off, as their prices aren't always fair.)

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Board game geek has the same gems for sale at a reasonable price. I was thinking of maybe getting some yellow ones to use for poison Token proxies.



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Cosydice have some good extra gems as well.


EDIT: The Cosydice gems are not in the same style at all, the picture for them mislead me to think they were compatible.

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