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Show Your Minotaur: Into the Labyrinth

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I think I’ll try to get some more MB painted minis shown on this forum. I have to be honest, the Gallery mode isn’t as satisfying to me as the way we all have been showing our Conan minis in individual posts. With the Gallery, it isn’t as obvious when there are new postings, and IMO it isn’t as easy to look at the actual images. So, I’ll see how it goes creating a series of “Show Yours” posts and hope that others get in the game. I’m not a mini painting artist like some others on the forum, so I’m mostly excited to see the work of others!


My usual caveats apply; I try to follow the game art for my color choices, and I’m painting fairly quickly for the game table, not a display case. 🙂


All that said, here is the first monster I’ve tackled as I get going on MB, the mighty Minotaur!



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Neat! Impressive miniature, looks great in colours. :smile:


Although I don't own MBP and don't plan to, I highly second your idea to have one thread for each miniature. When I paint something for Conan, I really like to have a look on this board and on the French-speaking one in order to see how other people painted their miniature. It's an easy way to get inspiration or to have a preview of various colour schemes.

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