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Dawn of Peacemakers

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One week ago, I received my copy of Dawn of Peacemakers, a game by Sami Laakso, set in world were two nations of animalfolks are on the verge of war. The casus belli appears to be the fact that a noble Macaw was deprived of his lands for some obscure reason by the Macaw emperor. The hot-tempered noble plans to conquer lands from the Ocelots, his neighbours. Both factions are played by an IA, and all the players must cooperate to avoid the border incident to degenerate in open war between the empire of Axhiquk and the lands of Sak-Awhu. Up to four players, you can play this narrative campaign as the gold dust day gecko Tambatro, the fennec fox Akezan, the marbled polecat Nabo or the agami heron Yainar. The goal is to lower the motivation of both factions simultaneously, so that they accept to make a truce, and then negotiate a peace treatise that will keep political balance on the continent. As you proceed in the campaign, you will unlock new rules and new components. The story seems to adjust to your actions (if a noble is killed during the game, he will stays dead, the game keeps track of who win the battles, if you don't manage to get the opponents to a truce. There's lot of stuff I haven't seen yet, as I have only played the first scenario for now.




As you can see, the miniature scale is slightly smaller than Conan. The miniatures are neat, with interesting details (but not to many, which is good). There are around 30 miniatures in the game, so it shouldn't take too much time to get it painted. :laughing1:




I started painting yesterday and here's my first paintjob: an Ocelot warrior. Two of his friends are waiting their turn. Then, I will very likely get back to those Bossonian for Conan, but the Macaw warriors won't stay grey for long. :laughing1::laughing1:



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The first macaw is done. A very readable miniature, with some part kinda hard to reach (the inside of the wings, for instance). A neatly textured shield which allow you to really make the symbol pop out. I'm quite pleased by how it turned out, but I can't understand how it holds its spear.



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And... the two other warriors. They've stayed so long half-painted on my desk that I wasn't quite sure what colours I choose for the first one. I should paint the macaws leaders as long as I remember their colour scheme.



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