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King Conan takes to the back streets and shadow laden alleys as a "strange phantom in the night" in an effort to stop a savage Strangler that has been stalking Tarantia's "entertainment" district. Inspired by Marvel's Conan the Barbarian #4 "The King in a Cage" by Jason Aaron.

Low gem counts make this more a battle of witts than steel. As Conan must maneuver his allies and find the evidence against the Strangler while avoiding the watchful eye of his own elite guards, the Black Dragons. The Stangler races against time and the "strange phantom", he too, wants to avoid attention. And the King dying in the Stangler's favorite haunt would bring way too much attention...


Strange Phantom in the Night.pdf

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@Lone Pathfinder


The Overlord controls the Black Dragons in order to interfere with King Conan's search. Since they are overlord minions they aren't used to actually attack the Strangler. (They can't hurt him anyway because of his 3 armor. ) So even though, thematically, they are hunting for the Strangler, they can't really find him. And they interact with him as a member of the same side.


Conan can also move the ladies of the night into a Black Dragon's area for protection agaisnt the Strangler. So the Black Dragons are kind of pawns for both sides.


This kind of represents, in the story,  them searching for the Strangler but never discovering who he is.  And of course, the King doesn't want to be discovered either, so I felt it best to have them on the Overlord side to be a hassle for Conan. Like the police in a Batman story, maybe.


Hope that helps you see what I had in mind for this scenario. I'll definitely consider how I can make that less confusing. 


I also wanted it to be a 1 Hero scenario, because Conan was solo in the comic. And I usually tend to avoid the kind of special rules it would take to make it a 1v1v1. Though that is not a bad idea. Having Pallantides as a 3rd side, hunting for both. Hmmm...


Thanks for checking it out and for your feedback.

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