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Contest : Du peint, du vin...


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In reference to a a famous french TV spot from the 80's. It probably never been aired outside french-speaking countries.

But a few years later, the actor (Marc de Jonge) played the evil russian in Rambo 3.




That being said, I'm running a mini painting contest.


- OK, wot's the prize ?


- An "Everlasting wet palette" from Redgrass Games. 

Redgrass Games will graciously provide me the item. Thanks to them! I suppose il will be this one : https://www.redgrassgames.com/everlasting-wet-palette/everlasting-wet-palette-painter/




I could keep it like the fat cheapskate that I am, but since I already bought one a while back, I don't intend to start a collection*.

I'll cover the shipping fees to you, since I'm super nice and it's Christmas soon.

*it would be appreciated that those who already own this palette do not enter the contest, but I can't send spies everywhere, so do as you wish.


- Kay wot do I need to do ?


- Just post a photo of one of your painted minis, under this post. A single miniature, painted by yourself (if it's painted by your spouse or kid it's OK, though). Two photos maximum (front/back). The mini must be from a Monolith game (Conan, Batman, Claustrophobia, Mythic Battles). It can be a mini that you painted previously, or one that you'll paint during the coming month. 


- Yup. When does that run ?


- Contest starts : now, 02 december 2019. Contest ends :  in one month, 02 january 2020.


- And who gets the stuff eventually ?


- The winner will be designated by a fair jury, composed of several undisputed international experts (i.e. me and my wife, and maybe one of the cats will chime in).

Everybody has a chance to win, be it the seasoned professional or the trowel-painter, since the criteria are not established yet !

To quote a famous french philosopher : "One cannot really bet everything on one's looks. Especially you. So if I can give you any advice, it's : forget you don't have a chance, go for it!"


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OK, I'm a bit late regarding this contest.

But the winner has been selected, after much brain-burning and a couple of drinks.


Result coming very soon !


That being said, hereunder are all the contest entries (no particular order except vaguely alphabetical) :


Benrocky :




Budala :




Carquinyoli :




Djimne :




Goupil :




Helyss :




Herkule82 :




Madcollector :




Madboy One :





Not Quite Dead




Reju :




Renand :




SentMa :




SmallRealities :




Tim-Mizzet :




Xantheas :




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