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Escape from Atlantis

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Hi there!


When I was a kid, I used to play to Escape from Atlantis, a boardgame quite straightforward in which you have to escape the sinking continent with your Atlanteans, while you send sea monsters, gigantic octopuses and sharks at your friends' characters. It looked exactly like this:



Some times ago, I managed to stumble into a different version from this game, whose component are, generally speaking, far better looking. This version looks like this:



Today, I painted the first two minis of this game. It didn't took too long and, for a scale so small, I'm quite happy with the result.



Their attitude is slightly weird (especially the guy), but I love those vintage minis. If everything goes according to my plans, it should be our next painting project for the whole family. If I fail to convince them... oh boy, that means a lot of job to do!


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I had some time to get back to this painting project and made two dolphins.




The yellow Atlanteans are on the way, but there's still quite a lot of them to paint. I'll make a picture of the whole crew once I'm done with them.

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