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Looks like this is the new plan...

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For those who don't visit the French side of these boards, this was posted over there on Sunday:


Hello Again,

Behind the scenes, the Monolith Team is working together to prepare a second offer for our faithful Sword Brothers and Sisters. The failed launch of Beyond the Monolith served as a wakeup call, and spelled a significant loss for us, but we are NOT ready to give up. We’re mobilizing as we speak, preparing to deliver a final push to get Conan back on the Road of Kings so he may again take the throne of Aquilonia and rule for years to come!

So what are we proposing? Next month, we will launch a campaign that offers a bigger, better redux version of the Legacy pledge featured in our last campaign. It will include:

-Some brand new miniatures you haven’t seen yet.

-A new double-sided game board (Yes, you will have the Temple, but we want to save the ships for something more fitting down the road).

-A sizeable tome that incorporates brand new scenarios for Conan Adventure Mode AND the rules and scenarios/campaign for the solo/co-op mode.

-All of the new sculpts we unveiled during the Beyond the Monolith KS (in greater numbers than were featured in the Legacy Box) and no previously released miniatures.

In short, it will be an even-greater version of what we originally proposed, and all of it will be brand new material. You’ll only require any existing copy of Conan (and those will be available during the KS for those who need them).

We know this plan does not offer everyone everything they want, but we have to be careful and measured. That means, unfortunately, at this time we can’t launch any complex offers for older material. That does not mean we won’t be able to do it. In fact, we have a good idea of how to do it, and soon, but it has to be after this next Kickstarter. During this upcoming campaign we will offer what remaining stock we have (including King Pledges, Core boxes and others), and hopefully, soon after we’ll launch a second campaign to allow everyone a chance to get what they missed.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way. This, as Fred already mentioned, will be a true Kickstarter. Next month, fate will look upon us, and we need your help to raise the banners and voice your support. We need you. Help us place the Crown of Iron back upon the troubled brow of King Conan.

Will you answer the call?

-Matt John

PS: as Fred already mentioned, we are focusing on the delivery of Batman GCC Season 2. Our commitments to our previous backers must be our top priority. Those pledges will reach their shipping hubs next month and fulfillment of that project will begin. Batman GCC Season 2 is safe and will be on the way soon.

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This is good news! Always refreshing to see a humble response to the fans when things don't work out they way they might have initially wanted them to. Kudos for that, Monolith.


As a retail buyer + eBay lurker when Conan first came out, I own most (but not all) of the existing content and really wanted new Minis and new (official) adventures to enhance the game -  looks like that's part of the new plan. I didn't back anything on the failed kickstarter that was recently cancelled - there just wasn't enough of anything I wanted or needed.


If I can eventually pick up reprints or NOS for some of the things I am still missing (Black Dragons, Guest boxes), then that's all good too... but new minis or adventures excite me way more, and I will back that!

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Hopefully they still have a couple of add-ons with new original content to keep pushing this campaign forward and unlocking stretch goals. I know Fred Henry says he isn't a fan of stretch goals, but the fact is that this is what KS backers have been trained to expect.


It becomes a cycle, with a reveal of an add-on prompting backers to put in more money, which unlocks a SG, which pushes more new backers to join, which adds more money, unlocking another SG, and the new backers see the available add-ons and add more money, unlocking another SG, and so on.

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