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Sands of despair (fan-made campaign, FR)

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User Nesh-Shogta (on french side of the forum) created a new 15-scenario campaign (yes, 15).





It requires a Barbarian pledge, Kithai, ­Nordheim & Stygia, plus the Kushite witch-hunters & Crossbowmen (Witch-hunters & Crossbowmen having substitution units).

It features 15 scenarios, 3 new maps, some new tokens & cards, and whatnot (so there's some printing and glueing to do).


As indicated, it's in french, but if someone is willing to give a shot to an english translation...

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When I translate stuff from EN to FR, I first use an online translator, this gives a not-so-stellar result (OK, crappy 🙂), but it's super quick and enough to help me getting started.

I guess that from FR to EN , one can proceed +/- the same way.


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What if someone translated it and then someone else put it in the proper format like with the graphics and so forth. 

It would be a shame not to conserve how awesome the layout of the entire project is. I could probably do some translations on my days off. Thoughts?

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Info from the author of the campaign :


"I am Nesh-Shogta.

User Clavain is doing a translation right now, I will start to make a proper design ASAP.

Hopefully, the english version will be released in mid october.
Thanks for your interest."




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