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  1. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    I'm excited for this! Please sign me up!
  2. FIrst Mistake, Last Mistake

    This looks like a really fun and quick scenario! I don't have Nordheim expansion so I won't be able to try it out, but it sounds great. A question, it seems to me that the secret forest passage for Zogar Sag might be making him overpowered given that there's only one hero, the extra movement point required to enter the forest areas and only 6 rounds to finish. Am I wrong? Again, I haven't been able to play it, just thinking it through. I do like the passage capability for the Forest Demon. A couple of little nit-picky things, it should be tagged with the Nordheim expansion, "cetain" should be "certain" in the first paragraph, and in the event tile description it should read "No more than 5 Crows models may be". The space in maybe. I know nit-picky. :) Awesome work!
  3. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    This is really awesome. I just got into Conan and haven't even made my way through the base scenarios yet. But I just wanted to say thank you and encourage you to keep developing more content like this.
  4. fodderzone

  5. If that ain't cool...

    I really need check out this museum as I live right down the road in Weatherford, TX. I've been in TX my whole life, but never knew he was from this area until I came across the Conan board game. It's interesting how we are exposed to history that's so close to home.
  6. 15493659_10154855438144533_8188251315320650812_o.jpg

    This is fantastic work. I'd be terrified to use such a contrasting highlight. But with this as an example I think I have to try it on this model.