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  1. Community Generated Campaign

    Which spells were in the King Pledge (and are therefore permissible) and which were KS add-ons (and therefore aren't)?
  2. Community Generated Campaign

    Oh phew! That’s far more reasonable!!!!
  3. Community Generated Campaign

    3-4 week’s for finished?!? You’re kidding, right? These things have to be playtested to death to be balanced. My The Darkest Trick scenario took 6 or 7 weeks and that didn’t have any elements carried over from previous scenarios.
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    Nice start. @Matt John S, when would you like to see the first draft of the scenarios by? I have a group who are ready to start testing soon but obviously have work commitments etc, so a rough deadline would be helpful. @Ken I like the fact that the two villains can only move their base movement each turn. I was worried because I thought for a moment they could reach each other really quickly!!!
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    I seem to remember @Matt John S saying he wanted to use the big guys from the Nordheim box in the scenario. Would be kind of cool to shift that and have Stygian Assassins in the snow, though (trying to ensure we don’t lose the Stygian Assassins)
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    That’s a good point. Unless you specifically wanted to use characters from the Nordheim box it could just be a snowy wasteland.
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    Looks good to me. I’d prefer minimal item progression because it makes playtesting each scenario far easier. Progression could be shared gems or maybe Hadrathus level up. Yes, Nordheim is way the *can we really say this word in this forum* away so maybe some magical visit is the way forward. I would still be happy to do a ships scenario if you would rather make it a physical visit, though. Happy to be one of the people who jumps on that as an optional scenario if you’d prefer. Oh wait, the death squad burn the tavern scenario! Do you not want that one? I won’t take it personally but I do think it’s an interesting different take on the usual tavern scenarios. Your call - you’re the boss.
  8. Community Generated Campaign

    Yeah I’ve been thinking about chests, and not just because I’ve been painting Belit all evening. 😉 Something about raiding one of Thot’s ship and trying to discard his chests overboard because whatever is inside must be lost at sea never to be found. But they can’t just chuck everything overboard because there’s valuable stuff inside a couple of chests as well. So instead of a hack and slash, it’s an effort to stay alive while raiding chests. Of course the temptation would be to kill everyone on the ship and then just chuck things overboard so I’d have to work out a way to discourage that.
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    How many chests are we allowed to use in a scenario? I have an idea.
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    With all the traveling from Khitai to Nordheim (for @Matt John S‘s scenario) to Stygia for the final showdown, I feel it would be totally remiss to not do a scenario on the ships. Last week I suggested an ambush by Stygian Assassins but I think something slightly more creative may be in order if my ambush in a tavern scenario is accepted. I can’t think what yet but I’m working on it.
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    Given that Dan’s scenario starts with Yogah, the two are incompatible. That’s a bummer.
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    Given that Dan’s scenario starts with Yogah, the two are incompatible. That’s a bummer.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    My second scenario suggestion. This could be an optional one. KILL THE TRAITOR (Tavern map) Hadrathus, Ikhmet, Yogah and Zelata are racing to Nordheim for some exciting reason but an elite Cushite group loyal to Thot Amon have been tracking them. As the heroes rest for an evening, the inn where they’re staying is surrounded and the death squad enter, knowing that if Ikhmet can be killed, it will be harder for the heroes to find Thot Amon in Stygia. Heroes: Hadrathus, Ikhmet, Yogah and Zelata Tiles: (not in order) Shubba, Shafiah, Ghayoor, Afari, Belit’s Guard (two of whom hold torches (from Stygia box)), Special Tile The Heroes win the game if Ikhmet makes it out of the tavern alive. The Overlord wins the game if Ikhmet does not make it out of the tavern alive. If one of the Overlord’s characters holding a torch ends a turn without attacking, they may set fire to the area they are in. Anyone caught in fire takes three damage (the Overlord may spend gems to mitigate against this damage). Anyone who ends their turn in an area adjacent to fire takes one damage. If one of the bar spaces catches fire, all of the bar spaces immediately catch fire. If a character holding a torch is killed, their torch is dropped but not extinguished. Any of the Overlord’s characters may pick up a torch for free. A hero may extinguish a torch on the floor with a simple manipulation. An area on fire may be extinguished from an adjacent area with a complex manipulation with a difficulty of 3.
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    I would agree - Conan isn't in Khitai. These are long-distance merchants, like old eastern merchants along the Silk Road. In terms of why the idol should be in Khitai, perhaps because it's a place with a strong centralization of magic? It wouldn't have to be the idol in mine, though. That'll be @Matt John S's call on Sunday.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    Funnily enough, I just came online to say that Sunday is going to be tricky for me because I'll be with the kids, so I was wondering if I could post my pitch early. But since someone else has, I think I will, too! ESCAPE FROM KHITAI (Khitai Streets Map) Hadrathus, Yogah, Shentu and Ikhmet are fleeing from the tower where Hadrathus accidentally summoned a powerful Dark Demon protecting Thoth Amon, whose evil plans Hadrathus had worked out with Ikhmet’s help. Now they flee through the streets of Khitai, quickly looking for a merchant who might know the location of Conan himself. The heroes know that if they can also raid the Shrine of Shanloc on the outskirts of the town, they might be able to take some ingredients that will allow them to magically defeat the Dark Demon, but they also know the shrine is well guarded. The heroes win 1VP if they obtain the two items from the Shrine of Shanloc and/or 1VP if they escape with the merchant. They may also use Conan in the final battle if they escape with the merchant. The Overlord wins 1VP if they stop the heroes from raiding the Shrine and/or 1VP if they kill the merchant identified by the heroes. Heroes: Hadrathus, Yogah, Shentu, Ikhmet Tiles: (not in order) Dark Demon (does not start in river), Regular Crossbowmen (guarding docks), Elite Crossbowmen (guarding docks), Javelin Throwers (guarding shrine), Crows (in town), Special Tile 1, Special Tile 2 Special Tile 1 allows for normal unit reinforcements, Special Tile 2 allows Dark Demon to appear My hope with this scenario is that is gives a difficult choice for the heroes because there's more than one objective. If they split up too much they might fail at both, but if they stay together they might only succeed at one. This scenario really clashes with Primeval's because of Conan's presence. I do like the idea of the statue that can be used to control Yogah, and wonder if it can be used in my scenario instead in the Shrine of Shanloc (basically, the shrine in the corner of the Khitai streets map) - that is, they recover the statue instead of two other items. Knowing they want to get Yogah on their side in the final battle makes it all the more important for them to recover it. @Primeval, would you be okay merging the two scenarios like this? I really like the idea, although I appreciate the added complexity, of the final scenario having Conan's presence variable and having Yogah as a hero or a tile as variable too.