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  1. I don't bloody know! Thoughts, everyone? I'd be inclined to say anyone.
  2. So, is this actually an official Monolith campaign? Or is it a fan-made campaign that Monolith allow to happen? It would be nice if Monolith could say, "Hey everyone, here's our new campaign, and the awesome thing is that it was fan-made, so here it is." Is that possible?
  3. I'm totally swamped right now so I rather need to pass this over to you guys for help. Being colourblind I can't see the grey tiles. And aren't the Javelin Throwers grey? (Yes, I'm that colourblind). Going to need some directed help, please, so I can wrap this up. Thanks
  4. If you guys want me to change the reward in Fight or Flight just let me know. The idea behind the way it was originally written is because the heroes don't yet know how important the Xuthal's Crown is going to be, but if they think there's 1VP in it, they're more likely to go for it. But if you'd rather me write it differently in terms of reward, just let me know what to change it to. Thanks.
  5. To me, what could be really exciting would be a Witch Hunter campaign using the spells we hardly ever see. There are some great spells out there and I think that would be a whole new adventure in and of itself.
  6. Honestly, I'm not mad on the idea of the extra scenario. I really liked the idea very early on of having the Kushite Witch Hunters be a running theme throughout the campaign. I'd rather save them for another campaign. Sorry, because I know that not likely to be a popular opinion but there's so much that's exciting and new in this campaign that I think we should save the Witch Hunters for another time. You've reminded me that I need to clarify that they can't grab an item, lose the scenario and keep it, as they would for equipment. They have to get them out of the city. It's VERY unlikely that the heroes will get the two Victory Points from Fight or Flight. The safe bet is one. Nope, sorry.
  7. Hahahaha. Anything to get those Witch Hunters in!!!
  8. Hello We're creating a Hellboy / Conan crossover and have started designing the Hellboy characters. We need someone who can help with the graphics to create new character cards. That would mean changing the art, the stats and, in at least one instance, creating a new skill box. Please let me know if anyone is able to help. Thanks
  9. I know this thread has only had 13 views so far, but I now need the help of someone who can design us new character sheets, please. Anyone know who's good for that? Thanks.
  10. Perfect. If you go for Xuthal's Crown and the Medallion it becomes a tough scenario. But if you don't get them, the final scenarios are harder. The really hard thing in that scenario is protecting the merchant. It's all about timing, especially letting the Crossbowmen do their thing and then dashing for the merchant. I will look at the wording for the DD. Interesting that the heroes are 0-2. Since the first campaign is generally felt to be too easy for the heroes, it's nice to have something tough. My scenario was definitely designed to be tough. Thanks for testing it.
  11. Really? How could you activate it in slot 3 for one gem? ill see what so can tweak.
  12. Shuang Mian is fine. I feel that Thoth Amon’s spells aren’t very scary but if he were much stronger I’m not sure the heroes would have had a chance.
  13. I just spent the last two hours solo playtesting this scenario. It was a total nail-biter. Conan killed Atali turn 1 while Hadrathus went for chests and Bori’s Rage on Thoth-Amon. Meanwhile, Niord and Ikhmet gunned for the Outer Dark Demon. They killed it but both died. Conan did the largest Circular Strike attack I’ve ever seen, with 14 damage from the Halberd (check the spelling on that btw), killing 4 minions in one swing. The key for the heroes is attacking the ODD and Thoth amon at the same time because the OL burns through gems stopping the heroes from getting either kill. In the end, Hadrathus opened all 4 chests on the mainland and then picked up the Stygian Artefact left by the dead ODD, opened a chest on the boat, found the Scepter and eventually killed Shuang Mian with the third Lightning Storm attack. Was genuinely the most enjoyable game of Conan I’ve played in a while. It’s an excellent campaign end, and it’s ready to go. Sorry for my bad tests earlier.
  14. Let’s say on turn one, Shuang Mian activates and throws down a lot of gems to move Conan. Knowing that Conan has to move towards Atali, SM moves Conan further away, meaning it’ll take him longer to get there. Does that contravene the enthrallment rule that Conan must move towards her?
  15. Guard of 1, Move of 2!! I need more sleep. Please ignore our tests. Although I still think a little more power for the sorcerers is good in terms of fluff. And being able to use Hadrathus’ spells while he’s possessed might be nice.
  16. Dammit how did I get that wrong? Ignore our test
  17. Suggest one tweak and we’ll see if we can test it for you
  18. We ran another test on The Streets of Khemi. Please have a look at that thread for our thoughts.
  19. 1. Yes, exactly that. 2. There was an issue with things not being on the builder at the beginning. Use the ones with a Guard of 1.
  20. Hi The Hellboy board game finished on Kickstarter. A few of us are working on a crossover where four heroes from the BPRD go back to Conan’s time. This would involve cresting four heroes cards and also for OL tiles for Hellboy characters. If you want to be involved, please let me know.
  21. So, we didn’t realize in our previous games that the Spellbook replenishes at the start AND THE END of the heroes’ turn. That’s insane. It makes Hadrathus virtually untouchable. That plus the Battle Ace for Conan plus the reduced Javelin Throwers plus the reduced Reinforcement rate made for a very different game. That was especially the case because our game also had a HUGE dice swings away from the OL. The Dark Demon only did 3 damage on 3 red dice, my Eternal Guards kept swinging and missing rolling 1 hit on an orange and a red, and Hadrathus kept rolling double 2s with Bori’s Rage, sometimes by rerolling one of them. So in some sense it’s balanced because without that dice swing the heroes might not have won. BUT we still have suggestions: 1) Swap the positions of the Demons and make the Stygian Artefact come from the DD not the ODD. It’s a harder kill because of Jinx (unless you have the Medallion) but it’s slow so it can’t fly away like the ODD. It’s so hard to kill the ODD because of its 8 move that the heroes never go for it, or for Shiang Mian. Put the lumbering DD on the ship with him, though, and you’ve got a real incentive to go that way instead. 2) One probem with this scenario is it relies too much on minions because the Sorcerers really aren’t very good at magic. Their spells aren’t very good and at a move of 1 it’s going to take FOREVER for them to meet up. Since it’s almost impossible to go for Shuang-Mian at the moment, that means every scenario plays out in the top left corner attacking Thoth-Amon. So, two changes... 1: Give Thoth-Amon a move of 2. It will still take him SIX activations to reach Shuang-Mian, assuming no hindering. 2: Change Set’s Possession to Changing Destiny or Psychic Strike. At the moment, Hadrathus uses move and Teleport to zip in and out and it’s tough to use Set’s Possession. At least with Changing Destiny (combined with a move of 2) he can stop Hadrathus’ constant pew-pew. Or with Psychic Strike, which is a really powerful spell, he can slow someone down another way. Having a more powerful spell on Thoth-Amon also makes Shuang-Mian a more appealing target. My preference would be Changing Destiny just because Psychic Strike is so powerful. Perhaps Move of 2 + Changing Destiny OR Move of 1 and Psychic Strike. But the sorcerers need to be more powerful. Finally, there’s really no point in putting the Xuthal Crown on Hadrathus since you can’t the mind control event to use spells. But we think you should be able to. If Hadrathus can Bori’s Rage his friends that would be fun. Or move 2 and Teleport 2. But he wouldn’t be able to Lightning Storm because it costs 3. So, it was an outlier game because of the dice skew. But changing the Demons at the very least opens the board up much more and therefore gives more variety.
  22. Okay that needs to be clear in the rules
  23. Conan puts 8 wounds on Ikhmet who is very lucky to defend for 4.
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