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GenCon50: Conan

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Hi gamers,
One year after its release, Conan is still played and much appreciated as the many games that took place during GenCon can testify.
We are very grateful for the feedback that we have from you guys and for the interest you show for our September 5th Kickstarter campaign.
A brief summary about it:
It will last 5 days from September 5th and the pledges will be delivered by November 2017, so very quickly.
It will offer only a limited choice of pledge levels:
- the Book of Set
- the Book of Set + the King box + all stretch goals (1450 English and 350 French versions)
- the Book of Set + All-in (190 English and 90 French versions)
- the Book of Set + a bundle with the 7 KSE add-ons (250 English and 100 French versions)

This will take us to our 2019 Conan Kickstarter campaign where we will explore new Hyborian territories...


conan 2.jpgconan.jpg

Finally, we wanted to let you know that the Stygian expansion is now available in retail.

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At the time of the KS I did not pledge everything thinking that most of the will reach the retail store. I've just bought all the KS exclusive..... and now in Italy are arriving the expansion, but for all the other add-on? 

From FB and other comments looks like we cannot decide what we can buy, or an all-in or nothing....it is not good T_T 

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I don't have Dragon, Giant Wolves and Black Ones, only one of which was a KS exclusives, so they won't all be included in the KS exclusive pack and I not going to go all in.


I also didn't get the guest boxes but I'm not too fussed because it's easy to use alternative models for them.

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