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Not Quite Dead

Show your Zelata!

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Zelata! A character I'm very fond of, as well in the game as in the Hour of the Dragon.




I'm not sure if it's my paintjob, a too heavy undercoat or the miniature itself, but it seems like the poor old hag arrived too late at the nose shop.

Kinda like You-Know-Who. :(

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Zelata is really a very cool character despite her very brief role in the Hour of the Dragon. She's wise and mysterious with just a hint of hidden power.


Camera wouldn't focus on the wolf's nose. Wolf was painted simply with several layers of washes over white basecoat. I like how well that worked out.



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On 2/20/2019 at 3:18 AM, rhogg27184 said:

Here is mine fresh off the painting table


Very nice. I love how your colors complement each other on Zelata's robes, and the shiny metal attracts the eye just well enough but not too much. The grass on the wolf's base looks kinda unnatural, and the wolf looks maybe a bit boring with just the one color, but it's perfectly serviceable on the gaming table.

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