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[Request] New gallery - Other Games

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Hi there!


For now, they are five galleries on the website:

- Batman

- Conan

- Mythic Battles: Pantheon

- Contest



I'd like to have another gallery, named 'Other Games' in order to share more conveniently pictures of other (non Monolith) games and I was wondering if other people around here find that useful and if you were willing to do this.


@SentMa, la même chose pourrait être envisagée côté francophone, d'ailleurs, s'il y a des amateurs.

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I’d be down with that. I’ve got Cthulhu Wars painted, as well as a ton of Zombicide stuff... Other than that, I’ve just been painting Conan, Conan, and more Conan... Eventually I’ll get going on Mythic Battles: Pantheon, and when it arrives, Nemesis. I wish there was a bigger community here on the English version of The Overlord, but it would be cool to share non-Monolith painted minis with everyone. 

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