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Out of the Stygian Darkness... Show your Stygia Expansion!

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Finished up Stygia. Just have Khitai to wrap up and I’ll be all done with painting Conan!.... until the next campaign hits...

As always, kinda moving fast and sloppy, not making art, and generally following the game art for these minis.







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@Not Quite Dead

Thanks brother, I went with green to match the tiles. My conjecture is that all the young scorpions are male and thusly a different color than their queen, as the Brood Mother eats any females to prevent competition. When she’s old enough, she chooses a strong female and allows her to grow and take over the operation... 🙂

I only have a base set of Vallejo colors, so any color variations on any of my minis are mixed up on the spot. I remember that I used black primer on all the scorpions (after priming them white first, wasn’t think ahead), and then just quickly dry-brushed colors on that. I knocked out the whole batch in less than an hour I think. If I recall, these guys were just the plain green with a bit of yellow, and maybe some white to brighten up the hue? But I’m guessing. 

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