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Out of the Stygian Darkness... Show your Stygia Expansion!


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@Not Quite Dead

Thanks brother, I went with green to match the tiles. My conjecture is that all the young scorpions are male and thusly a different color than their queen, as the Brood Mother eats any females to prevent competition. When she’s old enough, she chooses a strong female and allows her to grow and take over the operation... 🙂

I only have a base set of Vallejo colors, so any color variations on any of my minis are mixed up on the spot. I remember that I used black primer on all the scorpions (after priming them white first, wasn’t think ahead), and then just quickly dry-brushed colors on that. I knocked out the whole batch in less than an hour I think. If I recall, these guys were just the plain green with a bit of yellow, and maybe some white to brighten up the hue? But I’m guessing. 

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@Ken, a side note: I can strongly recommend the color washes from Vallejo. I had a set from Army Painter, and they would get chunky sometimes so didn’t seem as reliable as Vallejo. I’ve only been using the color washes regularly for a year or so, as opposed to always reaching for a standard brown shader. The black washes are really potent and will make everything very dark, but it’s great for making shaded areas and details extremely noticeable. With color washes I’m constantly finding a lot of cool uses. For some of the Mythic Battles minis like Zeus, who have a white robe or toga, using a blue wash over bright white paint gives a great effect. I also have used the grey wash over white hair to make a good looking head of old hair that has gone grey. I’ve found that mixing a bit of red and umber wash with gold metallic paint can make for a good brass or bronze color. Also, mixing blue wash with silver paint makes for a cool blue tinted metallic effect. For the Conan dragon and the MB Hydra, I used layers upon layers of colored washes on top of white primer and got nice effects that would be hard to do with paint alone. 

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Again, great work on Thoth! 

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@Ken, you can see how it worked for me on the pics I posted here on the OL. Perhaps an even better technique is to paint the robes with a very light blue, and then just dry brush white highlights over that. That’s what I did with Ares. It’s very hard to ‘paint’ on washes without getting brush streaks, especially on light colored paint. Can’t wait to see what you do with your MB minis, please post here when you can!

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