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[Rules] In the clutches of the picts

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Please ask here any questions about specific rules for the scenario "in the clutches of the picts" by Frédéric Henry.
You can find this scenario there, on Monolith's website.
(Please go hither for any questions specifically related to the Pict village map)

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I am trying to play "In the Clutches of the Picts" on Dec. 31, 2018 at 7:00 pm Pacific time


When I activate a unit in the River, how many figures to I deploy for each of the following units:

Pict Hunters (blue)

Zogar Sag

Pict Warriors (blue)


Pict Hunters (green)

Giant Snake

Pict Hunters (red)


How do "Reinforcements" work?  What does " 4 Reinforcement Points" mean?


What do the three flame icons on the board mean?


Thank you,





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Some models have "Reinforcements point" printed on the tile in the river.

When these models die, set them apart. When you trigger the event tile, you may respawn models up to 4 "Reinforcements point" in one of the 3 areas marked ion the board. The Overlord can decide which models are respawned in which area.

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