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5 players - 3 ravens - King pledge, stretch goals, add-on Kushite hunters



"In this scenario, Conan and his friends are hunting a giant reptilian creature to bring its heart to the King's alchemist. The Overlord controls picts and Kushite hunters that try to protect the reptile they consider as a god."


Ideally, the Komodo dragon mini sold by PapoTM is used to represent the Megalania. Alternatively, the Dragon or the Giant Serpent can be used.



"Conan and his friends have been commissioned by the King’s alchemist to bring him the heart of a Megalania, a nearly extinct giant reptilian creature that dwells in the muddy swamps of a forest far from the Capital. It is the last missing ingredient to an old formula that could grant an extended life to the King, and he has promised the group led by Conan a preposterous sum of gold if they can deliver the precious and rare organ. After several days in the swamps fighting mosquitos, Conan and his friends have finally tracked down the beast and managed to lure it to the ruins of an abandoned village in which its movements will be hindered, so they hope they will be able to bring it down.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, the Megalania is worshipped by a tribe of picts recently passed under the control of a Kushite sorcerer and his warriors. Discovering that strangers are tracking their serpent god to kill it, they move in numbers to protect it…."


Download hunting the Megalania


Although it is not required to play the scenario, the following tile can be used.


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I'll play at this scenario tonight.


If anyone wants to play it with the Giant Snake miniature, here is an alternate tile for the Megalania:




NB: In the setup of the scenario, it is recommanded to use Savage Belit with a short sword. This equipment card isn't part of the King Pledge or the Core Box. It comes from the Brom box. ;)


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On 03/06/2017 at 0:45 AM, Not Quite Dead said:

If I play it, I'll be glad to give a feed back.


I'm quite surprised with the Picts being led by a Kushite sorcerer, though. Sounds a bit weird due to their geographic locations.




If you consider that the Pict figures represent an isolated tribe in the jungles of Kush rather than Picts, than that would work.

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