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  1. Primeval

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Thanks - I think this will be a great addition to the project!
  2. Primeval

    Call for content for Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    Still need a 2 hero scenario, fan art, and pictures of painted miniatures.
  3. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Thanks @Chips - great to know more people will be able to enjoy the campaign!
  4. Primeval

    Online scenario editor

    It is just one of the characters created for my Thurian Set 1 that was added into the scenario editor. Giant, brutish Pict.
  5. Primeval

    Online scenario editor

    Hello @tet2brick - I am currently working on a Kull scenario for the upcoming fanmade pdf magazine, and noticed that the Nor Ouk token is in the map tokens but not in the overlord tokens - can he be added there as well? Thanks!
  6. Primeval

    What do people hope for in the 2019 KS?

    You might want to take a look at this: He also makes one for spellcards and gems
  7. Hello all, it is time to start working on content for the first issue of our fan-made PDF magazine, Scrolls of Skelos. Here is what we need: Scenarios for 1 hero, 2 heroes, 3 heroes, and 4 heroes - we will probably have one of each but possibly more depending on several factors Pictures of painted miniatures A turn by turn "battle report" (with pictures) of an official Monolith scenario Fan art We are open to ideas for another article to include; we will already have one on scenario creation but if you have other ideas please let us know This is a community, fan-made FREE creation - please submit with this in mind; no compensation is available. There is other content already assigned, but I'd like to keep that under wraps as much as possible to keep some surprises and excitement for the actual release. Please PM me here, at Barbaric Splendor on Facebook, or via email at barbaricsplendor@gmail.com
  8. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Yes, the Overlord may place the Assassins in separate zones if he so wishes.
  9. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Sounds fine to me.
  10. Primeval

    Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One

    I am excited to announce the next big community project coming, to keep our game going strong! Scrolls Of Skelos: Cache One will be the first issue of a fan-made PDF magazine. I will be taking the lead on this but it is very much a community project and I hope we will have many and varied contributors. I will be putting out a call for specific content to fill out this first issue within the next couple of weeks, but I can tell you that there will be at least one scenario for each possible number of heroes, and I will also be doing one to utilize my much-downloaded but little supported (thus far) Thurian Set for scenarios in the Thurian Age of Kull. There will be articles on scenario creation, on accessories available to enhance your game experience, and more. We will have a painted miniature gallery as well, and hopefully fan art and fan fiction. I would also love to see someone do a turn-by-turn scenario report. If you have some ideas of your own please PM me, or share them here - once we get started on this I will create a group PM for those involved in creating this first issue. I am hoping to have this first one available in January 2019, and release further issues at least quarterly. The cover image here is just a rough sketch.
  11. Some great work here - although as a former Age of Conan player I have to say I have seen more than enough of that sorceror (Emperor in the game)! 🙂
  12. Primeval

    Queen of the Black Coast

    Great idea to create this - I will look forward to giving it a more thorough examination and play!
  13. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

  14. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Sounds good - I got a little ahead of things when I saw Matt's post in the Conan gaming group and linked on Barbaric Splendor but will fix the link with the final product.
  15. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I like the way it is on the cards.

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